Basic Flip Cards Backside Editor

Requested by: Randy Lievers

Status: Completed

Change to something that already exists?: Yes
Requires a new CMS Component?: Yes
Requires New Functionality?: No
Estimated Completion Date: Completed - Early Apr 2019


The backside currently doesn’t have a Standard Text Editor (WYSIWYG/rich text editor) field. It needs one, just like the backside of the fancy/numbered flip cards.

[SQ has begun testing in CMS dev sandbox. Switching Text Area field to a WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor does NOT delete any existing content, which is good. Additionally, any HTML content that was previously added in the basic (non-WYSIWYG) editor is successfully carried over into the WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor. ]

[SQ to continue tests in verf, will add to ACF Master when ready.]

[Changes pulled to production Apr 10. Visual editor now available on all Faculty/Department theme sites.]

Ticket Number: N/A

Media (Screenshots, etc.)