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Phase 10 - Completed

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Project Plan & Scope Review

Project Summary

Intended to be a new site combining and/or replacing portions of RIMES, ORS, VPRI, Library pages.

[Update: Website launched on June 2nd, 2021]

[Update: Website handed over to RL for Brand and Quality Review on 4/22/2021]

[Update: Renamed from Digital Scholarship Services Sept 13, 2019]

[Update May 2020: Project has started/stopped multiple times with different stakeholders, leads, and voices. Now a third party UX contractor is involved and CSC has hired a dedicated resource. IT has requested a “reset” kickoff meeting to be scheduled to get roles and responsibilities sorted for all current parties before proceeding. UR to schedule. -SQ]

[Update Jun 9 2020: Kickoff ‘reset’ meeting. Responsibilities assigned. Kristy Baxter from CSC to be project lead and main contact for IT. Jithin Shaji for development. Aida Viziru to share UX/UI wireframes for Pods “Services” page template. ]

[Update July 1 2020: Aida provided the draft sitemap, wireframes for the product pages, user flows and the list of fields required for the product pages.]

[Update July 8 2020: IT and UR did the initial review of the provided materials. IT to schedule a meeting closer to the end of the month to discuss a few technical scopes. In the meantime, JS to explore further on the feasibility with PODS.]

[Update July 29 2020: Closed the IT ticket 178067.01 which was initially created by Erin Crowe. Created a new ticket 199422.01 for the CSC Project on behalf of Kristy Baxter.]

[Update July 30 2020: Met with Aida, Mags and the CSC Steering committee to go over the wireframes, technical feasibility and timelines. IT confirmed the feasibility and will move forward with the project using PODS. IT to work on a working prototype while Aida/Mags/Kristy prepare the Content Starter Pack, & mockups with styling details. September 2020 is not a launch date. IT to explore options for enhanced search functionality.]

[Update August 19 2020: Aida provided the homepage wireframes. Working session scheduled for early September.]

[Update September 3 2020: Aida, Kristy, JS & SQ attended a working session to go over the fields, and type of fields required. I.T to provide a timeline estimate by end of September 2020. I.T waiting for CSP, while research is being done for potential Search Functionality.]

[Update October 16 2020: Aida submitted CSP for review.]

[Update October 22 2020: UR approved sitemap/wireframes.]

[Update October 22 2020: I.T working on CSP and Custom Post Types and Fields.]

[Update December 08 2020: I.T handed-over the completed CSP. CSC team to work on providing a complete and clean CSV of Resources to be imported to the CSC website.]

[Update December 18 2020: CSV format confirmed. IT waiting for the completed csv file to proceed with importing data. ]

[Update March 3 2021: JIRA + WordPress Gravity Forms ‘Integration’ tested and confirmed. ]


Touch Level: Medium

Current Platform: WordPress (Okanagan)

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Project Window

Early-Jun 2020 - Early-Jun 2021 June 2, 2021


Owner Group: Library

Site Owner: kristy.baxter@ubc.ca

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