Bachelor of Sustainability

Phase 6 - Full Content Entry / Migration

Phase 6 of 10

On hold. Awaiting program approval. IKBSAS comms revising content.

Project Summary

-New website to raise awareness about a new undergraduate degree – Bachelor of Sustainability – among prospective students and key influencers (parents and guidance counselors)
-Drive enrollment
-Help students understand their degree options (four concentrations available) and admissions requirements

[Update: Feb 2021. Site launch on hold. Program still awaiting approval. IKBSAS comms revising content. ]

[Update: New program awaiting approval. IKBSAS to provide details/plans when available. ]

[Update: Kick-off meeting of scheduled for June 5: Pieter, Meghan, Shauna, Randy]

[Update: Kick-off meeting completed July 22. Light-touch in Facutly-Dept theme. Small site of 10-12 pages and many will cloned in from other sites. New domain required:]

[Update: Sitemap submitted and approved Sept 1. Site shell and clones completed. IT handover to IKBFOS Sept 2. ]

Touch Level: Light

Current Platform: WordPress (Okanagan)

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Project Window

Early-Sept 2020 - Launch date TBD


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