Website Build Process

Below is the process map for websites created in the Faculty-Department Child theme (and the upcoming Administrative Suite).

Types of Builds

Sites are categorized into three types of builds:

  • Light-touch: Uses only current CMS components, functionality, and styles. No programming or development is required. Content will be added to your site using what we currently have in at our disposal in the CMS. (Determined by IT/UR)
  • Medium-touch: Uses mostly all current CMS components. May have some one-of-a-kind style changes or new required functionality added. (Determined by IT/UR)
  • Heavy-touch: May require design of new components or development of new functionality. Requires engagement with both IT and University Relations, time estimates, scheduling, etc. (Determined by IT/UR)

For a quick overview of the process, see Intake Process document Intake Process document.

Build Phases & Timelines

All builds — light, medium and heavy — include nine general phases. The amount of work in each phase can vary depending on the type of build. For example, heavy-touch builds require more programming and development.

  1. Discovery
  2. Information Architecture (Sitemap)
  3. Content Starter Pack (CSP)
  4. Confirm Build Timelines
  5. Programming/Development
  6. Full Content Entry/Migration
  7. Testing & Launch
  8. Post-Launch Adjustments
  9. Close Project


  • Timelines can vary greatly depending the amount of content, number of pages required, design modifications and development required.
  • The document below is based on website of approximately 20 pages and recognizes team members are working on and balancing multiple initiatives and projects.

Download Build Process and Timeline