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Components are easy-to-use, prebuilt visual containers for website content. Think of components as ‘building blocks’ for presenting the content for individual web pages. Each component has unique functions and capabilities and each has been developed with text fields and options specific to that component.

The use of modular, pre-designed components helps ensure a consistent design and user experience for major UBC Okanagan websites. UBCO campus communicators can quickly and easily assemble well-designed, visually appealing websites with little to no coding experience.

NOTE: At this time, components are only available for websites using the UBC Okanagan Faculty and Department Child Theme.

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How to Build a Page

A step-by-step guide to start building your first page in the Faculty/Department Theme.

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Page Sections Explained

Learn how to work with Page Sections, Content Rows, and their various options.

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Components and Functional Elements List

Functional Elements

Functional Elements are advanced modules, which must be developed and/or configured for site owners by the IT Web Services team.

View examples of sortable lists, special fillable forms, unique templates, etc. on the UBCO CMS Demo Site.

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