Enhancement Requests

The following is a list of requests that have been made for new functionality, new components, or changes to something that currently exists on our CMS.

Most changes that we make on our CMS have the possibility of affecting multiple websites. When looking at these enhancement requests our team has to take into consideration a multitude of factors. We take all enhancement requests seriously, but not all requests will receive action. If your enhancement request has been rejected we will inform you of any reasoning behind our decision, and will work to find a way to accomplish what you want or need to do.

  • Change to something that already exists: Do you like a component, but it’s just not quite right? Have you seen something that you think we could improve?
  • Requires a new CMS Component: Components are the building blocks of pages in our CMS. Example components are things like Story Tiles, Accordions, Image Sliders, etc.
  • Requires New Functionality: Examples of functionality are things like a sortable list of items, a form that someone fills out that does something unique, a button that does something, etc.

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This list is updated regularly by UBC Okanagan IT Web Services Team.

Click the table row to see enhancement preview and recent updates. To view full details of each enhancement request please click the link in the description name. 

Last Updated ETA Description Submitted By Status Enhancement Summary and Updates Full Details
2022-03-03 01:31 “No Arrow” option on Button Bar component does not hide the arrow Julie Thomson & I.T Completed

The button bar component has an option for “no arrow” but the arrow still appears, even when ‘no arrow’ option is selected.
Bug Reported by Julie Thomson, CTL
[June 2021 – JS: In-progress.]
[Released Dec. 2021 ]

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2019-12-17 04:54 Completed - Late Dec 2019 ‘Highlighter’ text style format for content that needs to be reviewed Meghan Reid Completed

Original ticket submission below

Who is this for: Myself
Department: Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences – Dean’s Office

What would you like to do:Request Something New (accounts, equipment, supplies, services, etc.)
Request Type: Websites
Other: Yes
Description:Mark / Highlight feature in the WordPress WYSIWG editor
Additional Details:Request to add a highlight into the WordPress editor – for the Barber development websites in the Transition project that will be cloned for major updates:
1. Faculty of Science Website: science.ok.ubc.ca*
2. Faculty of Science Intranet: science.intranet.ok.ubc.ca*
3. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Website: fass.ok.ubc.ca*
4. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Intranet: fass.intranet.ok.ubc.ca*
5. CCGS Department Website: ccgs.ok.ubc.ca/
6. Biology Department Website: biology.ok.ubc.ca
7. Chemistry Department Website: chemistry.ok.ubc.ca
8. Psychology Department Website: psych.ok.ubc.ca
9. CMPS Department Website Department Website: cmps.ok.ubc.ca
10. History & Sociology Department Website: hs.ok.ubc.ca
11. EEGS Department Website: eegs.ok.ubc.ca
12. EPP Department Website: epp.ok.ubc.ca
*proposed domain names

Could this be a style in “Formats > Text Style “? I currently use text but there are others working on the sites and it’s more time consuming to search in the source code when we get into larger blocks of content.

A sample is here: https://sciences.cms.ok.ubc.ca/programs/general-bsc/

This will help us with our work, being able to update or flag content that will need to be revisited. All the highlights would be removed prior to go-live.

[Update: Requested recently, but has been prioritized by IT web team to help IKBSAS in advance of the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science split. Several websites under the Barber school need to be audited, reviewed, and edited to make sure content is ready ahead of the formal split in July 2020. JS started on working proof of concept started in dev site. JE exploring a plugin that is activated by IT while sites are under development, then deactivated after site launch. Status changed to Active. -SQ]

[Update 2: JE learned there is an existing ‘Mark’ ability in TinyMCE Advanced plugin that we already have installed in the UBCO CMS. Instead of custom development, web team will simply activate/deactivate TinyMCE Advanced upon request. JS dropping development on custom highlighter. Marked complete. -SQ]

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2020-06-11 12:51 Completed - Early June 2020 ‘Mega Box’ Component Randy Lievers, IT Web Team Completed

Mega Box Component – Combines the following enhancement requests

[Update: RL met with IT web team to review new CLF design elements. Updated date to Q2 due to COVID and various UBCO CMS outages/interruptions in March 2020 ]

[Update 2: No wells. New ‘Mega box’ component will combine other enhancement requests:

[Update 3: JE developing new alerts/’Mega Box’ component ]

[Update 4: UR has sent preview document of Mega Box component to Webcore email list. To be discussed at May 2020 Webcore meeting. -SQ ]

[Update 5: Mega Box component now available. Pushed to production early June 2020]

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2019-04-09 08:21 Completed - Early Feb 2019 3 Column Option for Photobar component Kristy Condon, Shauna Oddleifson Completed

New feature/style for the photo bar component to take 3 pictures and to display it in a 3 column container.

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2020-03-01 06:32 Completed - Late Apr 2020 Accessibility Enhancement – Alt Tags Retrofit Meghan Reid Completed

First reported by Meghan Reid, IKBSAS.

Some components were not passing alt tags through the source code despite it being properly entered for the image in the media library, therefore wouldn’t be read out by a screen reader.

[Update:] Webteam has identified there were only 2 areas affected in Faculty/dept theme: 1) section background images and 2) photo bar. -JE

[Update 2:] IT has retrofitted master ACF fields and pulled to production for all faculty/dept theme sites. -JE

Note: If users have entered alt tags on their images, it will now display them in source code/read out by screen readers. If there isn’t an alt tag entered, it will add an empty alt attribute, which is still good for accessibility scanners/robots. No further action required for communicators, but web team continues to strongly recommends communicators to add alt tags to their images -SQ

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2020-02-10 10:25 Accessibility Enhancement – Animated Numbers Steve Quilala c/o Disability Resource Centre Rejected

Read/Write Chrome browser plugin reads numbers twice for Animated Numbers Component

– iOS Voiceover reading properly
– macOS Voiceover reading properly
– Kurzweil reading properly
– The code has proper markup. Read/Write appears to be reading span tag displayed on page, then the values in the code.

[Update: SQ checked Read/Write again late January 2020. Vendor has updated the software and it no longer reads our animated numbers components twice. Just reads it properly once. As suspected this is a bug on the vendor’s side not a problem with our component code. Marking complete + rejected. ]

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2019-08-22 03:05 Completed - Late July 2019 Accessibility Enhancement – Skip Links Steve Quilala c/o Disability Resource Centre Completed

Working with the Disability Resource Centre, the IT web team has added three ‘skip links’ to the Faculty/dept theme. As per CNIB website http://cnib.ca/en?region=bc.

Intended for blind and visually impaired users, skip links are anchor links that allow users using screen readers to ‘skip’ to major areas of a webpage faster. Skip links are not immediately visible on-page for sighted users. They are detected and read aloud upon page load by screen-reading software such as JAWS, Kurzweil, and Read/Write. The three skip links now available are:

– Skip to main content
– Skip to the main navigation
– Skip to the page-level navigation

[UPDATE Aug 16: SQ + DRC have added 3 additional skip links valuable to UBCO students with disabilities. Making 6 total skip links on every page of every website using UBCO CMS Faculty/dept theme.
– Go to Disability Resource Centre website
– GO to DRC Accomodations Portal
– Go to Inclusive Technology Lab Website]

More on Skip Links here – https://webaim.org/techniques/skipnav/

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2021-02-26 11:09 TBD Accessibility Enhancement – Story Box Component Steve Quilala c/o Disability Resource Centre On Hold

Similar to Tabs Component, Story Box component is essentially UBC CLF tabs with additional styling.

Currently only the first tab content or story is read aloud by screen readers.

SQ to use same technique as on the Tabs component to properly visually hide/show each story and also retain the ability for screen readers to read the content properly.

Keyboard tabbing pseudo focus is already properly implemented in the Story box component.

[Update: Additional complexity with multiple background colors for storybox unlike tabs. Taking more time. -SQ]

[Update 2: No work on this since August. Non priority. Updated ETA to Q2 2020.]

[Update 3: Placing on hold]

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2019-08-22 02:45 Completed - Mid Aug 2019 Accessibility Enhancement – Tabs Component Steve Quilala c/o Disability Resource Centre Completed

Based on original UBC CLF Tabs, screen readers could only detect and read-aloud the contents of the first ‘active’ tab on the UBCO Tabs Component. Additionally, the

[SQ investigated alternative technique to visually hide the unopened ‘inactive’ tabs and visually show ‘active’ tabs, but have screen reading tools respect the markup and read the content inside]

[Update Aug 16 – Tabs component has been fixed in production. Screen readers now read each tab in proper order – label 1, content 1 – label 2, content 2, – label 3, content 3. -SQ ]

[Update Aug 16 – Tabs component now also can be navigated to by pseudo::focus and opened using keyboard tabbing and return/enter key. – SQ]

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2019-09-10 09:37 Completed - Early Sept 2019 Accessibility Enhancement – Skip Links for OKmain theme Steve Quilala c/o Disability Resource Centre Completed

Add Skip Links to OKmain theme header.php and CSS

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2019-11-18 10:08 Completed - Late Q4 2019 Add Attachments to CMS Enhancements Request Form Meghan Reid Completed

Customer Submission:

“Add an attachment field to this form – Enhancement Request Form

Can we add the option to add an attachment. It would be easier to mark up screenshots at times to explain the request.”

Done 🙂

PDF, JPG, or PNG only. Max 3 uploads. Any uploaded media will be held in the submitted form entry itself and added manually to public enhancement request listing if useful for illustrative purposes.

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2021-06-16 01:51 Completed April 2021 Add callout CSS to “Formats” section of TinyMCE Jamie Edwards Completed

Each time we setup a single line callout, we have to add some custom CSS to make it look right. I want to add the required CSS to the Formats dropdown in TinyMCE. Something like this:

text-align: center;
margin-bottom: 0;

[Update: Feasible – ‘Single Line Callout’. Some exploration with UR has happened for potential of additional ‘alerts’ formats. -SQ]

[Update 2: Low priority, low value. ETA updated to Q1 2020 -SQ]

[Update 3: RL met with IT web team to review new CLF design elements. Updated date to Q2 due to COVID and various UBCO CMS outages/interruptions in March 2020 ]

[Update 4: No wells. New ‘Mega box’ component will combine other enhancement requests:

[Update 5: JE developing new alerts/’Mega Box’ component ]
[Update 6: This is a separate enhancement and will be worked on separate from the Mega, Shadow, and Alert boxes]

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2022-06-15 03:17 Add Clear Formatting Option to Central Directory Meghan Reid Active

Meghan Reid
(604) 505-4141
Change to something that currently exists?
New CMS Theme Component?
New Functionality?
Detailed Description
Copying this over from Service Now:

Can the clear formatting option be added to the central directory? I’m training on department admin so far and this would be useful for them, thanks! See attached screenshot for the feature.

IT update:
Just an update on this request. I have this working on our dev environment, however, it requires more testing and since it is almost the Holidays and due to availability restrictions, I’d rather schedule the testing and go-live for this in the new year. Let me know if that is okay with you.

Image Upload

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2019-03-14 02:29 Completed - Mid Mar 2019 Add Degree Program CSS to “Formats” section of TinyMCE Randy Lievers Completed

A standard style for degree program credentials that can be applied to basic paragraph text using a TinyMCE text format.

[Update: SQ worked with UR for initial styling. Working CSS and format in SQ dev site. Styling awaiting approval from UR.]

[Update 2: Randy reconsidering this text format. Might be sentence case h1 format instead to be added to the main body content area on a No Title Template]

[Update 3: Randy approved Format style. Solution will be to add custom menus for grad and undergrad program pages to manually add program credential to the menus]

[Update 4: SQ pulled code into production. Style and format are now available for all faculty/dept sites.]

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2022-06-22 11:37 Add Instagram to the social media icons/links in the Central Directory Meghan Reid Completed

Add Instagram to the social media icons/links in the Central Directory. I have had faculty members submitting requests to add Instagram in FASS, thanks!

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2019-12-09 04:38 Completed - Early Dec 2019 Add Office Locations to the Directory listing page Meghan Reid Completed

Add faculty/staff ‘Office Location’ to directory listing (contact page).

Due to potentially inconsistent entry of this field values, the ideal location is end of the line after phone numbers.

From Meghan:
Students have come into the IKBSAS Dean’s office to ask the office number for faculty members. In some instances they have been waiting to speak to a Student Support Assistant for quite some time in our office to find out and office location for a faculty member so that they can speak with them in person. This is causing more students waiting to talk to staff in our office for a minor detail and is frustrating for our assistants and support staff.

The students find the contact directories on the department websites (for example: https://cmps.ok.ubc.ca/about/contact/) however, haven’t realized that the faculty a members name can be clicked on for further details

[Update: Basic proof of concept has been started in dev site. Would need review from UR. Side effect is that it will make directory listings longer overall. -JS/SQ]

[Update 2: Positive feedback from Nov 2019 Webcore meeting. Development to continue. Can proceed to be added to next update of directory plugin.]

[Update 3: Tested in verf and pulled into production Dec 9, 2019. Marked completed. -JS]

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2022-05-20 05:21 Add Table creation ability back to Directory Profiles Meghan Reid Rejected

  Meghan Reid
  (604) 505-4141
Change to something that currently exists?
New CMS Theme Component?
New Functionality?
Detailed Description
  I am requesting the table feature be added to the WYSIWYG editor in the central directory.

We often have information submitted in a table format, for example, in the Selected Publications & Presentations section. Unfortunately, tables are not editable in the central directory for someone that does not have HTML skills.

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2022-03-03 01:33 Nov 2021 Add thumbnails to Directory Listing Kendall Pew, Meghan Reid, Allyssa Costerton-Grant Active

[Update Feb 2022, Partly released, Full release – TBD]

[Update 10/21/2021 YY: Work in progress. Will use the existing thumbnail image as the default image in the profiles listing view. ]

[Update 4: UR circulated 2nd draft Contacts Directory Photo standards to WebCore users. Will be discussed again at March 2021 Webcore meeting ]

[Update 3: UR has circulated draft guidelines for Contacts Directory Photo standards to WebCore users. To be discussed at May 2020 Webcore meeting. -SQ]

[Update 2 from November Webcore meeting: University Relations explained early decision to exclude image thumbnails from main list citing concerns about inconsistent quality of photos that would appear on the list. Some Administrators maintain tight control over profiles and profile imagery by updating it themselves, but some allow the users themselves to update their own profile and image. Group understanding that image quality standards should be as high as possible. Proposal for UR to produce ‘profile image quality guidelines’ document to help achieve high level consistency. Technical work from IT would actually be quite minimal, but agree that uniform standards would be ideal before rolling out thumbnails universally.  -SQ]

[Update 1: It was an intentional decision by UR for images not to be displayed in the directory listing. More background details about the decision to be discussed at Nov 2019 Webcore meeting. -SQ ]


“Add Thumbnail image of headshots.
Numerous requests for this from most IKBSAS Departments. Students may not remember the name of a professor they have or spoke to at a recruitment event.”

Social Work

“Please add images (from the central directory) to the Faculty contact lists on our websites.


“A number of people have provided the feedback that the directory page is difficult to navigate if it doesn’t have profile photos on it. Basically, sometimes people cheat by looking for a person’s face rather than their name. Is it possible to pull photos from the central directory to this page so you can see them next to their name?”



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2019-03-05 06:17 Complete Additional attributes to display Faculty Profiles who are accepting graduate supervision requests (Directory) Webcore Completed

Add additional attributes to filter and display faculty profiles who are currently accepting graduate supervision requests based on their department or courses, etc.

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2019-03-05 06:17 Complete Allow for multiple categories, faculty, staff, grad students (Directory) WebCore Completed

Request to allow for more than one category for directory members. For example a directory member should be allowed to be both the faculty category and the staff category.

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2019-09-10 06:01 Alphabetical sorting for My Sites in WordPress Dashboard Randy Lievers Rejected

[Update: Removed as requested by RL. Keeping on enhancement list for transparency. -SQ]

A plugin that alphabetically sorts site names in the dashboard for users with multiple sites. Not essential but would be a nice-to-have function.




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2019-04-08 04:44 Completed - Early April 2019 Apply CLF Classes to Tables Jithin Shaji Completed

Add UBC CLF Table classes to the TinyMCE Table properties.

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2021-04-08 04:11 TBD Automation of research publication information for faculty profile pages Amber Hanson Rejected

Automation of research publication information for faculty profile pages. Simone has spent time looking at this [plumX] but it uses iframes and was difficult to work with. Perhaps circl through the library?

Check out uniweb (https://uniweb.network/)- is used by library, but never widely accepted. Enables users to export to html format and could be dual-purpose for customized annual reports

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2021-02-26 10:54 Automation of the staff directories on staff sites with the UBC directory Aaron Heck Rejected

Automation of the staff directories on staff sites with the UBC directory, or other authoritative information source. This would need to be a hybrid so that some entries are fixed because they come from an outside source, but some are mallable/editable because they’ve been added directly through the site. Authoritative information sources could be the directory, EAD, etc. Anything with an authoritative source should be “roughed in” for a profile page.

[More investigation needed re: feasibility with Workday source data. Placing on-hold until more details emerge re: Workday + UBC EDI https://cio.ubc.ca/enterprise-projects#edi]

[Update: Marking as rejection. With Workday + UBC EDI, better approach would be to rewrite CMS Directory plugin. Will revisit this as a formal project in the future.]

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2020-06-11 12:50 Completed - Early June 2020 Background Colour Text Boxes Randy Lievers Completed

‘Boxed content layouts’ with options for different background colors. Each item’s height should be the same height as its tallest sibling.

[Update: Likely a new component in ACF. Might not be as simple as a WYSIWIG Format. More exploration needed. -SQ ]

[Update 2: RL met with IT web team to review new CLF design elements. Updated date to Q2 due to COVID and various UBCO CMS outages/interruptions in March 2020 ]

[Update 3: No wells. New ‘Mega box’ component will combine other enhancement requests:

[Update 4: JE developing new alerts/’Mega Box’ component ]

[Update 5: Mega Box component now available. Pushed to production early June 2020]

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2019-04-11 09:34 Completed - Early Apr 2019 Basic Flip Cards Backside Editor Randy Lievers Completed

The backside currently doesn’t have a Standard Text Editor (WYSIWYG/rich text editor) field. It needs one, just like the backside of the fancy/numbered flip cards.

[SQ has begun testing in CMS dev sandbox. Switching Text Area field to a WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor does NOT delete any existing content, which is good. Additionally, any HTML content that was previously added in the basic (non-WYSIWYG) editor is successfully carried over into the WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor. ]

[SQ to continue tests in verf, will add to ACF Master when ready.]

[Changes pulled to production Apr 10. Visual editor now available on all Faculty/Department theme sites.]

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2019-03-19 10:46 Completed - Mid Mar 2019 Bug fix for Comments Steve Quilala Completed

Styles missing on Faculty/Dept theme for Comments fields. Note: this is not an issue of CLF 7 Basic sites in UBCO CMS.

Solution: Copy missing comments-related CSS from CLF Basic to main Fac/Dept stylesheet.

[Update: SQ pulled code into production. Comments now displaying properly on all sites.]

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2020-05-26 01:14 Completed - Late May 2020 Change Faculty Title drop down to text field Amanda Lamberti Rejected

Original Submission


“We’ve been receiving comments that it’s confusing and hard to find some people e.g. Directors or specific staff
Can we either change the Faculty Title drop-down to make it free text, or be able to select if the other title should be the one that appears? Or add some new titles to the drop down
Director, Undergraduate Programs
Director, Graduate Programs”

Action: 3 new titles added to the Faculty Titles dropdown menu. Enhancement request marked rejected for reasons below.

Reasons for Rejection: Administrators can already contribute additional titles to the Faculty titles drop down in the Central Directory under Settings > Directory Options. The choice of a dropdown menu for Faculty titles was intentional to provide the following advantages:

  • Consistency between standard faculty titles,
  • Non-administrators cannot make up their own title like “Professor of Astrology” or portray something inaccurate,
  • Titles would not need to be typed in each time and potentially introduce misspellings.

[Update: UR and IT have discussed this enhancement request. Requestor informed of rejection by email and told of Directory Options for titles. CMS enhancement request updated. -SQ]

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2019-03-12 12:16 Completed - Early Nov 2018 Clone specific pages from one site to the other Annalisa Barnett Completed

We would like the ability to clone a page from one site to another. This would allow us to have consistent design components on new pages without having to start from scratch.

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2019-03-12 12:10 Completed - Early Mar 2019 Consistent first line for Tabs and Accordions Steve Quilala Completed

Right now, when using headings (h1,h2,h3, etc) within Tabs and Accordions components, items that begin with a heading have significant (25px+) top margins. This makes it look inconsistent with other Tab/Accordion items that start with a paragraph.

It is particularly noticeable between tabs because the first line displays at the same level.

Solution: override margin-top using CSS :first-child pseudo selector

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2021-11-01 02:29 TBD CWL Password Protected Pages Amber Hanson Rejected

[Update April 15, 2021: Regarding the specific request from ORS, IT Engagement Services and Amber Hanson have decided on Teams/OneDrive as the potential solution for sharing private documents that require users to log in with their CWL account.]

[Update Mar 30, 2021, JS]: JS, JE and Amber met to discuss the alternate solution JE suggested. We noted that SPARC has now moved to Sharepoint. Sharepoint does seem like a better choice compared to the OKCMS, the pros being it is separate from the OKCMS and is in fact a private and protected portal for internal communications and resources. It is fully integrated with other MS products like Word, Outlook, etc. More information here: https://it.ubc.ca/services/web-servers-storage/sharepoint-software-service ]

[Update Feb 25 2021: CWL authentication will be enabled on UBCO CMS as part of the ongoing UBCO Campus-wide CWL migration project 2021+. The current ‘Authenticated Page’ Template would automatically change over to CWL authentation instead of Novell.  -SQ]

Mon, Jun 22 2020 @ 11:55 am
Edwards, Jamie (20 min)

(altered Mon, Jun 22 2020 @ 11:55 am)

:: Work Order Completed ::
Hi Amber,
Unfortunately at this particular moment, we don’t have the ability to offer CWL protected pages in the Okanagan based CMS. We do have a project on our team’s list to implement this feature, but it’s a fairly complex project and I don’t have a time line for it at the moment. I can keep you updated if you like on the status of this. In the meantime, we do have an option for password protecting a page. WordPress has a standard way of creating a password for any page, to do this you click on the edit link next to where it says “Visibility” in the publish section of the edit screen. (screenshot – https://people.ok.ubc.ca/jamedwar/password-wp.jpg).

Let me know if you have any questions.




Original Submission:

“CWL password protected forms and pages, aligned with UBCV for consistency across portfolio units (eg. ORS and Institutional Programs Office). Some of the guidance/instructions/form submissions are intended for UBC audiences only. See example below.

Landing page: https://ipo.ubc.ca/cfi-funds/jelf-partnership
CWL protected page: https://ipo.ubc.ca/cwl/jelf-partnership-timelines

[Submitted to WA – Development workpool -SQ]




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2019-12-09 04:35 Completed - Early Dec 2019 Darker Directory Filter Colours Meghan Reid Completed

The IKBSAS communications office has received feedback from all eight departments, associate deans and students that directory is difficult to use. Some users don’t realize that the drop-down menus are clickable.

The dropdown menus for Role, Disciplines and Search Keyword are grey. This colour suggests that a feature is inactive as a UX standard. Our request is to make the drop-down menus be more prominent. Currently, the titles above the drop-down menus draw more attention than the menus below where we want the user to interact.

Original Submission:

“Styling Change on the Directory

See: https://biology.ok.ubc.ca/about/contact/ for an example.

The IKBSAS communications office has received feedback from all eight departments, associate deans and students that directory is difficult to use. Some users don’t realize that the drop down menus are clickable.

The dropdown menus for Role, Disciplines and Search Keyword are grey. This colour suggests that a feature is inactive as a UX standard. Our request is to make the drop down menus be more prominent. Currently the titles above the drop down menus draw more attention than the menus below where we want the user to interact.”


[Styling change affecting all sites using directory. Some consultation with UR needed, but easy fix. -SQ]

[Update 2: No issues at November Webcore meeting. Changed to active. -SQ ]

[Update 3: Minor tweaks added to Central Directory filters. Available for live review/validation.  -SQ

  • Labels made small, bold, all caps to make filters more prominent
  • Filter selector options made taller
  • Selector border outline darker
  • Added Whitney font to filter display
  • Adjusted line heights
  • Adjusted padding
  • Research Interests and Courses/Teaching font made smaller
  • Made name and email links underlined to make it more obvious they are active clickable links]

[Update 4: Styling adjustments above viewed and approved by UR (Randy) and original requestor (Meghan Reid) in Central Directory -SQ]

[Update 5: Directory plugin CSS pulled into production Dec 9. Enhancement marked completed -SQ]

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2020-06-11 12:54 Completed - Late May 2020 Decommission Text Carousel Component Randy Lievers Completed

Originally developed for main UBCO website Okanagan Stories, it is no longer being used. Component is impractical and can only be used with a very small amount of text. Rarely used.

[SQ has removed component from demo site as requested by RL so it is no longer demonstrated as an active component]

[IT needs to investigate potential impacts(s), safe removal of an existing component]

[SQ added project to enhancements list to encourage discussion in Webcore prior to proceeding with removal]

[Update: No opposition in Nov 2019 webcore meeting. Partial proof of concept started in dev. Relies on method of injecting a unique class into WordPress admin section where ACF selector can be hidden via CSS. Status changed to active. -SQ]

[Update May 28 2020: – This component has now been decommissioned and is no longer part of the CMS.]

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2022-11-23 02:36 TBD Develop a WordPress dashboard widget for news/plugins/changes/etc in UBCO CMS Steve Quilala Active

[ Update March 2022 – Development on hold. ]

[Update 10/21/2021 YY: work in progress. Will add a network admin setting screen for the messages. The message will have the required title and body field.]

Develop a WordPress widget box that will show up on UBCO CMS user dashboards that will display a general announcements list of plugins/changes/bug fixes/news etc in UBCO CMS.

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2019-02-05 03:24 Different kind of responsive tables Randy Lievers Rejected

Currently tables are not responsive and columns get cut off on mobile/tablet devices. Tables need to be reprogrammed so they respond to different viewports.

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2019-07-02 09:34 Completed - Early July 2019 Directory – Cross Appointment Warning Meghan Reid Completed

Cross Appointment Warning for faculty/staff who are in multiple websites/departments and may have conflict with content between different sites.

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2021-11-02 10:34 Directory – Selection of multiple Roles including Custom Roles Meghan Reid Request Cancelled

The directory lets users select Multiple Roles(Faculty, Staff, etc.) but selection of multiple Custom Roles is not functional. For example, a directory member should be allowed to be both a faculty and a librarian or a librarian and a sessional faculty.

[Update 9/23/2021 YY – Received the confirmation that Initial requestor no longer requires the enhancement. Ticket INC2399400 closed. ]

[Update 4/14/2021 JS – Initial requestor no longer requires the enhancement. Can be revisited if FHSD or other units require something similar.]



See email chain, we are trying to figure out if there is a way to have the same person be a Sessional Instructor in one Department and a Grad Student in a different department. Perhaps the best way around is it to create 2 user accounts if that’s possible? Please advise.


Hi Meghan,

You are correct for Rob Friberg. Sessional for EESC and a CCGE Grad Student. There are many grad students who do Sessional work. We never had an issue before but maybe it’s a new system and I’m a bit ignorant on it!

Thanks for looking into it. Janet

Janet Heisler

From: Reid, Meghan (IKBSAS)
Sent: August 23, 2019 8:58 AM
To: Heisler, Janet
Subject: Re: Website listing inquiry

Thanks Janet,

I have updated Stuart. I.T. will need to add the new sessionals into the system once they’re Novels are set up.

Can you clarify:
Rob Fiberg is a sessional in EEGS and a grad student in CCGS?
(I don’t think we have the option to show him twice differently, but I can check with IT if this is the case and see what we can do here, maybe making two users if they can do that for us)


Meghan Reid

From: “Heisler, Janet”
Date: Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 3:44 PM
To: “Reid, Meghan (IKBSAS)”
Subject: FW: Website listing inquiry

Hi Megan, as per our conversation, please find attached four forms, 3 for Sessionals and 1 correction. I didn’t make a form for the correction noted below for Rob Friberg’s graduate attachment. Do you need a form for him?

Stuart’s change is very basic, his title should be corrected, and the lab title should come before PhD Student.

Please let me know if there are any other changes!

All the best, Janet

Janet Heisler

From: Heisler, Janet
Sent: August 21, 2019 12:05 PM
To: UBCO-OKBD IKBSAS Communications
Subject: Website listing inquiry

Good Morning,

With the old website, we had a page for our Sessionals but that is now gone. What are the plans for Sessional listings? We don’t give them a phone, we normally just list their office location and courses they are teaching. We don’t list their research interests. I have three to list for term 1, is there still a form for this?

I also discovered that while Rob Friberg is one of our Sessionals that we list, that you’ve got him in our graduate student listing. He is however with CCGS not EEGS for that program. He should not be listed as one of our grad students.

Thanks, Janet

Janet Heisler
Senior Department Assistant”

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2019-10-10 11:07 Completed - Early Oct 2019 Duplicate ACF Repeater Fields Steve Quilala Completed

SQ currently testing a plugin that allows you to duplicate any existing field in ACF. The benefit is saving users time and confusion with drafting new page sections.

Users will not have to recreate entire page sections/columns sections/components and then copy-and-paste the content between fields if they want to experiment with a new version of the same content section.

[Update: ACF Duplicate Repeater plugin being tested in SQ dev environment]

[Update 2: SQ showed sneak peek to Meghan Reid and Randy Lievers at drop in. Feature is very well received. Idea to show it at a future Webcore meeting.]

[Update 3: Major update to add on. 2.0.1. Nedd to test for latest update.]

[Update 4: Testing to moving to verf. Plugin to be activated on a per-site basis. Considering a pilot site candidate for production.]

[Update 5: Plugin now in production. Can be activated on request on a per-site basis. To get this feature, please submit an IT helpdesk ticket.]

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2022-06-08 02:54 TBD Editorial Workflow Functionality Randy Lievers & Amber Hanson On Hold

[ Update March 2022 – Research/Plugin Evaluation on hold. ]

User Workflow:

Currently our WP installation doesn’t provide sufficient user workflow. Most teams utilize two user types: Editors and Administrators, which both have the capability to publish content to a website. Often groups are making changes and publishing them live, and then other team members are double-checking and reviewing the changes on the live pages.

We’re looking for a workflow solution where a user group with limited access (e.g. a contributor or author) could add draft content to a site, and then it would go to an editor or administrator for review and publishing.

This workflow would be required both on new pages/posts that haven’t been published AND changes to existing pages/posts that are already live.

I believe this was investigation previously, but plugins such as Revisionize had bugs and issues.

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2023-04-03 02:48 Embedded Instagram feeds Shauna Oddliefson Requested

Shauna Oddleifson
(250) 878-6523
Change to something that currently exists?
New CMS Theme Component?
New Functionality?
Detailed Description
It would be great to have a plugin to have a feed from Instagram available on web sites, not just FB or Twitter.
As an example, we only have an Instagram account for the UBCO Gallery.

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2019-04-09 08:23 Completed - Early March 2019 Extended Media Library with Categories etc. WebCore Completed

Add categories and other useful columns to the media library in WordPress.

[Update 1:3/07/2019 – Plugin is installed on the Production environment]

[Update 2:3/26/2019 – the new AVP Students website is piloting the plugin]

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2019-04-23 10:03 Completed - Late Mar 2019 Filter faculty & staff directory by department (second level filter) Shauna Oddleifson/Annalisa Barnett Completed

We need to have our departments as an option to filter on the Contacts & People page, same as you can filter Faculty or Staff or Leadership.

this is VERY important as we cannot currently filter just the people who teach English for example, as the Department is called English and Cultural Studies.

I note that this is needed for other departments in IKBSAS as indicated by Annalisa.


[Update: JE worked with stakeholders on enhancement request. JE completed updates to plugin Mar 19.]

[Update 2: SQ reviewed in verf for bugs Mar 20. SQ fixed javascript bug for search Mar 20.]

[Update 3: SQ contacted affected customers before pulling to prod Mar 21]

[Update 4: Pulled into production Mar 26]

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2019-10-10 11:06 Completed - Late Jan 2019 Flipcard component without the large numbers Shauna Oddleifson Completed

Can we have flip cards that do not have the large numbers on them, I have some on this page, and the numbers are distracting and do not make sense for this content

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2021-11-02 05:51 Completed Nov 2 2021 Full-width Story Tile Addition Meghan Reid Completed

Original Request via Enhancement Request Form:

“A component for one ‘story tile’ in a row for use on pages with a left-side menu.

See this page as and example:
https://eegs.ok.ubc.ca/undergraduate/gisc-minor/ where we only have one Our Story.

It would be best to keep consistent with the style used on the other pages in the Meet your Peers and Profs section:

Note: We will have some our stories for the IGS themes coming in the near future, where we will have only one Our Story because the programs are new and story options limited.”

[Update: Item was missed in Feb 2020 Webcore meeting. Can be tabled for next scheduled Webcore. -SQ]

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2022-06-08 02:53 Nov 2021 Graduate Student Supervisor Label Revision Meghan Reid Completed

[Released Feb. 2022 ]

[Update 10/21/2021 YY: Work in progress. I had some emails exchange with Meghan Reid. She expressed that it is difficult to come up with a standard language that would work for all. We agreed that a text input box is needed for flexibility. ]

[Update March 2021: Meghan Reid still to discuss with communicators for ideal wording that covers multiple conditions and/or if it’s multiple labels, one and other or both, etc…]

[Update Summer 2020: 2nd revision to this label. Decision impacts all sites using directory. Needs more discussion with UR and Webcore. Preference for exact wording of labels to be settled before IT starts any development. Meghan Reid to discuss with other communicators. ]

Original Submission:

“Graduate Student Supervisor Label

The wording of the label was previously changed from “Accepting Graduate Students” to “Graduate Student Supervisor”. The function of the label stayed the same and it isn’t working for IKBSAS faculty. It’s required that a faculty member be identified as a Graduate Student Supervisor, however they may or may not be accepting students. The result is Professors who are Supervisors but not accepting students are receiving many requests from potential students because the current label doesn’t distinguish.

The label is causing confusion and has been identified in multiple requests to the IKBSAS Communications Office from IGS, CCGS and psychology departments. Professors with the tag are being contacted when they are not accepting new students. The challenge with removing the tag is that they still need to be identified as a Graduate Student Supervisor as part of their role and position.

Our suggested revision is to have two tags available to select:
Graduate Student Supervisor: Accepting Students
Graduate Student Supervisor: Not Accepting Students or Not Accepting Students for 2020/21 (wording to be discussed with WebCore Group)

Currently we’ve addressed this on the psychology website by manually typing into the Research Areas” section “Not accepting graduate students for 2020-21.” so that the information shows at the top below label. The information shouldn’t fall under the research areas heading though as it’s not the right fit.

Note, this feature is what populates the list of names in the supervisors tab on most graduate program pages (there are some sites or programs that have a static listing, for example psychology). The dynamic function on the graduate program pages should also be considered.”

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2019-03-05 04:11 Q1 2019 Gravity Flow Pieter Uni Completed


Gravity Flow is a form-based workflow platform for WordPress based on Gravity Forms which allows users to implement complex workflow processes quickly and easily using simple drag and drop configuration.
What’s a business process?

Here are some examples of processes that are currently being run on Gravity Flow.

Contract review, feedback, modification and approval
Employee vacation requests
Purchase order approvals
University admissions application processing
Research experiment proposal feedback loop and approval
Product order form approval
Multi-level job application process
ITIL-based Change Management Process
Security change requests
Student registration process

Read some testimonials from some of the customers who are using Gravity Flow.
Who is it for?

Gravity Flow is for organisations and departments of any size that need to get a form-based workflow process up and running online quickly with no technical knowledge. These processes often already exist either offline or online but inefficiently implemented.
How does it work?

An end-user submits a web form which generates a document. The document is then passed around between users and systems on an established path until the process is complete. Each user or system in the workflow will add something to the process before allowing the document to proceed to the next step.

For example, an employee may add additional information and a manager another might add their approval. Connected systems might send an email, add the user to a mailing list, create a user account or send data to an ERP system.
What are WordPress, Gravity Forms & Gravity Flow?

WordPress is the world’s leading Content Management System and it currently powers over 24% of all the websites on the internet. It’s easy to use and easy to customize. Consequently, it’s also being used for internal applications.

Gravity Forms has established itself as the world’s most popular commercial Form Management plugin for WordPress with around 2 million active installations.

Gravity Flow extends Gravity Forms by adding workflow features.

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2019-10-10 11:04 Completed - Feb 2019 Have the ability to hide individual category buttons on the directory main page (Directory) Jamie Edwards Completed

If a faculty or school doesnt have any grad students, we should be able to hide the Graduate Student button, or any other buttons.

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2022-06-08 02:54 TBD Icon Picker Component for OKCMS WebCore On Hold

[ Update March 2022 – Development on hold. ]

Create a way to select icons from a curated and selected bank of icons. This may be a stand alone component or an integration into an existing component.

IcoMoon icon pack has been selected and purchased. Rough draft of code required to select the icons within the WordPress dashboard has been completed. Further testing and configuration needs to happen before the code is ready to be introduced to the WordPress CMS production environment.

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2019-04-08 03:38 Completed - Early April 2019 Image Button Component Kristy Condon Completed

An addition to the Story Tiles Component with which you can centre align the title text and description.

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2019-10-10 11:08 Completed - Late Sept 2019 Import Featured Images from news.ok.ubc.ca RSS Feeds Meghan Reid Completed

Posts syndicated from news.ok.ubc.ca do not currently bring in the featured images. Featured images then need to be added in the local copy on the receiving site.

IT exploring ways to automatically import feature image along with rest of post.

Problem and potential solutions are fairly complex, involving multiple plugins.

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2020-04-03 01:50 Completed - Mid Feb 2020 Improved Layout for Post Archive Pages Meghan Reid Completed

Original submission

“Remove thumbnails on the post pages where there is no image available. Expand the content to full width so that it is left aligned. Currently, there is a blank space to the left of the image.


A potential solution is, where there is no featured image, we will expand the title and excerpt to be full-width and avoid the featured image slot white space.”

[Update: Likely requires template overrides for CLF basic archive loop – eg: add if statement to add .span12 if featured image empty. Similar to the News Page template. -SQ]

[Update 2: Basic proof of concept has been started in dev site. -JS]

[Update 3: More testing needed. Updated date to Q1 2020 -SQ]

[Update 4: JS pulled into live production Feb 14 2020. SQ updated completion date.]

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2019-05-14 11:08 Completed - Early May 2019 Improved line spacing (leading) for items in left side navigation Steve Quilala, Kristy Condon Completed

Tweaks to CSS to improve line break amounts (aka leading) on items in left side page menus. Currently, long menu items that wrap to more than 1 line have an excessive amount of vertical space between lines.

[Update: JS pulled into production May 13. Now live on all sites with Faculty/Dept theme]

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2019-05-14 11:08 Completed - Early May 2019 Increase spacing between list items Kristy Condon Completed

Increased the spacing between the list items by adding a bottom margin of 8px.

[Update: JS pulled code into production May 13. Now live on all faculty/dept theme sites.]

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2019-03-21 02:38 Completed - Early Mar 2019 Light Blue Mega Button Option Steve Quilala Completed

Option for a Light Blue Mega Button. Would be useful if using 6 or more mega buttons in a grid.

The three current mega buttons are quite heavy blue (UBC primary, secondary and ‘bright’ blue). A collection of light blue mega buttons would not look as heavy together on a page.

[Update: SQ pulled to prod Feb 14 and added example to CMS Demo site]

[Update 2: Initial light blue a little too light. SQ made shade slightly darker Mar 6]

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2021-03-05 12:11 Link to Anchors Inside Accordions Kristy Condon Rejected

Original Submission:

“Is it possible to add functionality to the accordion (and tabbed) components to better accommodate anchor links to content inside? I.e. automatically expand an accordion section when a user is directed to an anchor link inside the section; automatically toggle to the appropriate tab for a given anchor link. This functionality would be useful for pages with long lists of FAQs, awards, etc., to enable outside pages to link directly to a specific award or FAQ nested in an accordion component.”

[Requires more investigation… Complication is that accordion header click area are already sequentially numbered IDs. Anchors cannot be ‘double anchored’. Theoretically possible with some complex Javascript that 1) loads the full page in the DOM, 2) scroll to ‘deep’ anchor, 3) trigger a click action on the immediate parent accordion class + the sequential section ID… unsure about resulting content viewport position though. -SQ]

IT investigated further and it actually results in bad UX particularly for mobile. Discussed at Webcore March 2021. No longer needed by communicator. Marked as rejected.

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2021-02-26 10:52 Live Chat Simone Blais, Kristy Condon Rejected

[Update: IT Engagement Services in discussions about UBC-wide privacy/security approved chatbot service]

Live chat function: for a prospective student program page, there has been a request for this from my team as they have resources to support Q&A from users on specific pages (graduate).

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2019-10-10 11:05 Completed - Early Apr 2019 Make all links underlined on dark background page sections Randy Lievers Completed

Make all links underlined links by default in non-light (BG Image, Primary Blue, Secondary Blue, Bright Blue) background colour page sections. Currently all links (including email addresses) in OKmain theme and Faculty/dept themes are not underlined, which is an override of the standard CLF behaviour from OKmain development.

Underlining links makes the links more evident in callouts and regular copy. Also restores an accessibility/UX best practice from the CLF.

Solution: restore ‘text-decoration: underline’ property for page sections targetting only Primary, Secondary, and Bright blue background colors. -SQ

[Update: SQ currently testing CSS in OKmain theme. Looking for any surprise conflicts or code collisions. ]

[Update 2: SQ added code to add underlines to flip card back text.]

[Update 3: SQ pulled CSS into verf environment. Testing all recently launched sites. So far so good.]

[Update 4: SQ pulled CSS into prod April 1. Enhancement is now live on OKmain and all sites using Faculty/Dept theme.]

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2021-11-02 05:51 Completed Nov 2 2021 Make Mega Box component available in ‘Two column row’ and ‘Three column row’ layouts Kristy Condon Completed

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2019-06-17 04:08 Completed - Mid June 2019 Match ‘Selected Grants & Awards’ field to ‘Grants’ heading in user profile Meghan Reid Completed

Who is this for: Myself
Department: Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences – Dean’s Office

What would you like to do: Request a Change to Existing Service
Request Type: Websites
Other: Yes
Description: WordPress Directory Faculty
Details: The title shows as Grants, however it needs to match up with what is in the CMS. It should be”Selected Grants & Awards”s.

See: https://eegs.cms.ok.ubc.ca/about/contact/craig-nichol/ (these are all awards and the title says only Grants)

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2019-03-05 03:06 More attractive layout option for numbered lists Kristy Condon Rejected

More attractive layout option for numbered lists (like on this page: https://students.cms.ok.ubc.ca/courses-money-enrolment/registration/)

Example of what we want: numbered lists on the UBC brand site (https://brand.ubc.ca/guidelines/visual-identity/)

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2019-03-05 06:15 Complete New Faculty and Staff Directory Webcore Completed

New flexible faculty and staff directory.

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2019-07-02 09:41 Completed - Early July 2019 On-Leave Date Field for UBCO Directory Amanda Lamberti Completed

Enhancement request for the Contact page

On-Leave – could we have a date field included on the profile to say when they’ll be back from being on-leave

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2020-05-15 06:00 Completed - Early May 2020 On-leave with no return date Meghan Reid Completed

Original Submission

“On leave – when there isn’t a return date

The feature is worded as”
On Leave Until: [exact date]

We are running into situations where someone is on leave and there is not return date. For example because of illness.

Requesting an adjustment to add an option that only states the the person is “On Leave””

[UPDATE: On leave toggle created in profile. It can now take ‘On leave with no return date’ and/or ‘On leave with a return date’ values. A label for (On Leave) is now appended to the employee’s name in the list as long as either condition is met. ‘Currently on leave’ is output if ‘On leave with no return date’ is turned on. -Dev YY, JS, SQ]

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2022-03-03 01:32 Nov 2021 Optional Pronouns to CMS Directory Allyssa Costerton Grant Completed

[Released Feb. 2022]
[Update 10/21/2021 YY: work in progress. Will add 3 radio buttons for the user to choose the pronouns from (They, Them, Theirs), (She, Her, Hers), (He, Him, His)]


Example: https://brand.ubc.ca/e-mail-signature-generator/
Submitted via Teams Webcore channel
[2/11 1:52 PM] Costerton-Grant, Allyssa
Hello,  I just wanted to flag for the group’s next meeting that several of our faculty members have inquired about adding pronouns to the central directory profiles as an optional selection. Could this please be added to agenda for next meeting? (1 liked)

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2022-06-08 02:56 TBD Page Section Option – Borders Steve Quilala On Hold

Add an option for Page Section ‘Bordered’ style for default/white background page sections.

Options in ACF Page section tab for a solid border above and/or below a white page section.

[ Update March 2022 – Deployment on hold. ]

++++++++++[ Update Nov 2021 – JE ]++++++++++

This enhancement is currently in active development and will include the following:

  • Two border colours – Secondary Blue and Grey
  • Border position options – Top Only, Bottom Only, Both Top and Bottom
  • Border options will be available with white background only
  • Two pixel border height

This enhancement has been presented to Randy Lievers from UR, and has been approved for deployment to the CMS sometime in early 2022. Live demo will be shown at Webcore Dec 2021.


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2019-04-01 08:02 Completed - Early Apr 2019 Persistent arrows on Image Sliders instead of displaying on mouse hover Diana Bartel Completed

Add arrows to be permanently displayed on the Image slider component so users know that there is more than one image to view.

[Update: SQ testing a fix on OKmain site Image Slider component. ]

[Update 2: SQ pulled CSS into verf and prod for OKmain and Faculty/Dept themes. Fix is now live on all sites. April 1, 2019]

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2022-06-07 09:31 Project Huddle (feedback plugin) Meghan Reid Rejected

Adding this kind of feedback functionality is not something we support adding to the UBCO CMS as it would encourage requests for customization, thus being counter-productive to the central goal and intention of the service. UR has offered a alternative using a Chrome browser extension.


Meghan Reid
(604) 505-4141
Change to something that currently exists?
New CMS Theme Component?
New Functionality?
Detailed Description
Requesting a plug-in that will gather feedback on website content and design. Project Huddle or something similar? https://projecthuddle.com/

Project Huddle is a WordPress plugin for website & design feedback with sticky-note style feedback on your designs and web projects. This would assist web work in organizing feedback and revisions from multiple stakeholders.


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2019-03-14 04:14 Completed - Mid Mar 2019 Publicly available WordPress draft pages and posts Randy Lievers Completed

Currently there is no way to share a preview link of draft WordPress page on a live site with someone who doesn’t have an account for site. Can we consider installing a plug-in that allows this.

I googled a couple:

The first looks more legit….30,000 installations. The second could be dicey.



[Update: WP Drafts for Friends rejected as it is posts-only.]

[Update 2: PPP being tested in verf environment.]

[Update 3: Showed tool to Randy at drop-in. May want to extend preview availability time to 5+ days instead of default 2 days. ]

[Update 4: SQ started draft documentation in CMS site.]

[Update 5: SQ pulled plugin into production. Plugin activated on in OK Main site. Randy to test before broader rollout. ]

[Plugin only activated per-site. IT/UR/Webcore may want to consider network-wide rollout?]

[Update 6: SQ Network Activated Public Post Preview. It is now available for all UBCO CMS websites and all themes.]

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2020-03-01 06:39 Reduce spam in post comments Amanda Lamberti Completed

Original Request

Can we add a reCAPTCHA to the comments section on the blog posts? The spam comments are increasing rapidly.

[Update 1: Removed spam comments from education.ok.ubc.ca and added the Akismet API key to the site. Akismet is more effective at resisting spam than reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA also generally not accessible. -JS ]

[Update 2: Talked to Amanda, asked her to consider disabling the commenting feature on the education.ok.ubc.ca site. -JS]

[Update 3: Spam comments now being moved to the Spam folder directly by Akismet and will get deleted automatically after 15 days. -JS]

[Update 4: IT now reviewing other sites for post comment spam. Note; only websites with post comments enabled are affected. -JS/SQ ]

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2021-02-25 03:50 Completed December 2020 Request for Community Partners Filterable Table Amanda Lamberti Rejected

[Update: This request was completed in late December 2020]
Reason for rejection: Already available as Custom Filterable Table Functional Element, is not an enhancement to the CMS.
On Sep 17, 2020, at 9:38 AM, Steve Quilala <steve.quilala@ubc.ca> wrote:

Hi Amanda,

This is more of a ticket than an enhancement. It is one of our ‘Filterable Table’ functional elements that our team configures on sites on an as-requested basis.

For the interest of transparency, we’ll have to list this as a rejection on the CMS Enhancements list, but I’ll also start a regular Helpdesk ticket for this as a minor development project.
What would help move it forward is if you had the content ready for a typical entry for Community Partners. This would help us prototype the table values and the inner pages for you.


Amanda Lamberti
(778) 214-9265
Change to something that currently exists?
New CMS Theme Component?
Not sure
New Functionality?
Detailed Description
Hi! We have a ton of Community Partners for our Community Field Experience and I would love to be able to list them better than how it is currently – see the page: https://education.ok.ubc.ca/student-resources/bachelor-of-education-resources/community-field-experience/meet-partners/

This year the partners will all be required to submit a description and a photo.

I was wondering if we could modify the Grad Studies Form component: https://gradstudies.ok.ubc.ca/forms/? for our purposes?

I’d like it to look similar to the way Vancouver has it: https://cfe.educ.ubc.ca/community-partners/ with a search field

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2022-06-08 02:56 TBD Responsive Tables Component Randy Lievers On Hold

Tables continue to be problem on mobile.
If a table contains several rows, the content of the table gets cut-off when you move to mobile view.

Currently this dealt with on a case-by-case with IT developers (they add some css to the table) but this is only done IF the communicator/content editor notices the issue.

I have come across a number of examples where content is getting cutoff, both in the OK-CMS and the Standard WordPress installation.

We need to come up with a responsive table solution (eg. https://css-tricks.com/responsive-data-tables/ and the demo https://codepen.io/team/css-tricks/pen/wXgJww?editors=1100), perhaps by making this a component and hiding the ‘insert table’ form the Standard Text Editor.

Example of issue:

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2020-06-11 12:50 Completed - Early June 2020 Restyle CLF Alerts and Wells Randy Lievers and Steve Quilala Completed

Better styling of the standard CLF alerts and wells. Adding them to the Formats.


[Update: styling tweaks to default CLF alerts to better suit UBCO Faculty/Dept theme ]

[Update 2: RL to provide IT reference designs and colors from another project by the UBCV brand team]

[Update 3: RL met with IT web team to review new CLF design elements. Updated date to Q2 due to COVID and various UBCO CMS outages/interruptions in March 2020 ]

[Update 4: No wells. New ‘Mega box’ component will combine other enhancement requests:

[Update 5: JE developing new alerts/’Mega Box’ component ]

[Update 5: Mega Box component now available. Pushed to production early June 2020]

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2019-10-10 11:05 Completed - May 2019 Same-name replacement for Media Library Uploads Pieter Uni Completed

Add functionality that will allow admins to upload media files (PDF, JPG., etc.) using existing file name that simply override the previous version of the file. https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-media-replace/

[Update: Plugin called Enable Media Replace is a popular and well-tested plugin. Plugin is already available as one of Vancouver’s sites.olt CMS.]

[Update 2: SQ testing in dev environment]

[Update 3: SQ has pulled the plugin into production. Piloting on cms.ok.ubc.ca and gradstudies.ok.ubc.ca. Plugin currently available upon request. Network activation under consideration.]

[Update 4: SQ has network activate Enable Media Replace plugin. This ability is now available on all UBCO CMS websites.]

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2022-06-22 11:41 Separate Thesis Title field for Grad Student Profiles Meghan Reid Completed

General Area of Issue: website
Request to add a field in the central directory for the graduate student role for Thesis Title.

The current set-up means we have to add in the heading under a different section and use the text editor to code the heading: <h2>Thesis Title</h2>. Barber Comms is starting to train department admins to update the grad profiles and this will be easier for them to update without needing to code. The request comes from Janet Heisler in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Geographic Sciences. Please see attached screenshot.
Campus: UBC Okanagan
Website: https://centraldirectory.cms.ok.ubc.ca/



From: “webadmin.ok@ubc.ca” <webadmin.ok@ubc.ca>
Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 2:56 PM
To: UBCO-OKIT UBC Okanagan Web Services <webadmin.ok@ubc.ca>, “Quilala, Steve” <steve.quilala@ubc.ca>, “Shaji, Jithin” <jshaji@mail.ubc.ca>, “Lievers, Randy” <randy.lievers@ubc.ca>, “Edwards, Jamie” <jamie.edwards@ubc.ca>
Subject: CMS Enhancement Request Submission


Meghan Reid
(604) 505-4141
Change to something that currently exists?
New CMS Theme Component?
New Functionality?
Detailed Description
This is a service now original request to add ‘Thesis Title’ to the graduate student profile in the central Directory.

Andrew and I had some discussion about this question yesterday. We suggest adding a dropdown formatting option to the text editor toolbar to make editing easier. Please see attached screenshot.

This approach will make all the existing content backward compatible.
If we add a new field for the thesis title then all existing content needs to migrate to that field.

Image Upload



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2019-10-10 11:07 Completed - Early Oct 2019 Square Bullets in the Visual Editor Annalisa Barnett Completed

Have default bullets in TinyMCE editor be squares instead of circles. CLF and Faculty/Dept theme default output for bullets is square, but default preview in WordPress is circle.

[Update: Pulled to production Oct 2019]

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2019-03-12 12:14 Completed - Late Nov 2018 Starting Point Site Templates with Lorem Ipsum Annalisa Barnett Completed

Pre-made page templates with lorem ipsum available to be cloned to any site. Also entire websites setup with pre-determined structure and functionaltiy that can be cloned and used as a starting point for a website build.

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2019-04-09 08:25 Completed - Late Jan 2019 Story Tiles Additional Style Option Kristy Condon Completed

New style option for story tiles component, no image background, white background, dark blue text, and dark blue border. (mockup provided)

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2019-06-13 11:16 Completed - Early June 2019 Table Content Font-Size & Line-height AVPS,IKBSAS Completed

Table content font-size has been decreased to 15px from the default 18px and the default table content line-height has been overwritten with the theme-wide line-height.

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2019-07-11 02:53 Completed - Early July 2019 Unhide Audience Menu Items on Mobile Randy Lievers Completed

Audience Navigation needs to be fixed on mobile. It currently disappears on mobile.

Solution =
1) unhide audience menu at 768px media query
2) hide when menu is inactive (this is as per Steve’s lingo at the drop-in of March 6).

[Update: 100% CSS options are too limited. SQ researching possible jQuery solutions and/or rewriting PHP menus in theme. ]

[Update 2: Better solution developed of adding Audience Page Menu Items in primary menu, then adding .hidden-tablet and .hidden-desktop classes to each respective audience menu item. Idea emerged from a very productive brainstorm between IT and Student Services. This method is 100% GUI and does not require changes to header.php, jQuery, or any new CSS.]

[Update 3: IT will apply this retroactively on current sites using audience menus and will be made part of IT’s initial build steps for menu configuration for new Content Starter Packs.]

[Update 4: IT updated all live Faculty/dept theme sites using the audience menus/secondary menu in early July]

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2019-10-10 11:06 Completed - Late Jan 2019 Use firstname-lastname in the directory URL instead of username (Directory) Randy Lievers Completed

Please use the first name and last name for the URL of each directory member. For example:

This is how it currently functions:

Should function like this:

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2022-06-22 11:40 TBD Visible Credentials on Directory Profiles List Shauna Oddleifson Completed

Shauna Oddleifson
(250) 878-6523
Change to something that currently exists?
New CMS Theme Component?
Not sure
New Functionality?
Detailed Description
Can we add a section to the central directory that we can click either PhD, MA, MFA, or whatever credentials we need that then shows up in the person’s profile by their name and title and in the main contacts lists on our web sites – like how we tag the department or faculty, can there be a field that comes before that lists their degrees.

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2019-03-12 12:14 Completed - Early Mar 2019 Whitney Font in the Standard Visual Editor Steve Quilala Completed

Display Whitney font for paragraphs, headings, lists, etc in the Standard Visual Editor for more accurate preview of content.

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