Phase 10 - Completed

Phase 10 of 10

Site launched March 23 (National Puppy Day)

Project Summary

[Update March 23: Site launched. New registered subdomain. custom domain in GoDaddy forwarded to Communicator to delete ]

[Update Mar 8: Dog/handler profiles CPT development complete. Communicator to populate profile content. Status moved back to phase 6 content entry. ]

[Update Mar 4: Brand check discovered need for custom Pods custom post type for Dog/handler profiles. IT agrees it would be a good use of Pods and has started development. Adjusted to medium touch, back to phase 5.]

[Update: Customer awaiting brand check. Target launch date Late Feb. 2021]

[Update: IT has completed CSP and new site shell. No additional training, site owner already familiar with UBCO CMS Faculty/dept theme. Admin suite has reduced components. Handover to customer Sept 3. Updated UBCO CMS Projects list to Active, Content Entry Phase. -SQ]

[Update: Communicator has submitted CSP. IT to review CSP and spin up new site shell, mid-Aug. ]

[Update: Project Plan, Site-mapping info provided to communicator Feb 28. Project set-up in WZ April 30].

[Update: Has been discussed at Feb 2020 Webcore meeting. Redesign can move forward as light-touch.

  1. It requires no new layouts/components.
  2. Has a designated communicator β€” you β€”to lead the project.
  3. BARK is a high-profile program with a reputation that extends within and beyond campus.]

Currently on UBCV CTLT CMS. Faculty communicator has expressed interest in migrating to new UBCO theme. Communicator is already experienced with UBCO CMS faculty/dept theme and will be the one to lead the project.

Touch Level: Medium

Current Platform: WordPress (Vancouver)

Current URL:

WordPress Development URL:

Project Window

Early-Jul 2020 - Late-Mar 2021 March 23, 2021


Owner Group: EDUC

Site Owner:

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Ticket Number: 198078.01

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