Career and Personal Education (CPE) – Phase 1

Phase 10 - Completed

Phase 10 of 10

Brand check updates completed. Phase 1 site launched March 30. Phase 2 scope and details TBD.

Project Summary

[Update March 30: Brand check updates completed. Site launched March 30 for Phase 1. Phase 2 scope and details TBD. CPE team to continue courses/programs updates for Canvas catalog collection, etc]

[Update Mar 15: Basic CSP completed and access handed over to CPE team. IT completed Pods CPT for Courses and Programs. Back to CPE team to review.]

[Update Feb 22, 2022 – Sitemap completed. Awaiting CSP. CPE team expressed urgency for timeline for end of March launch for Phase 1. Desire for timing launch with a new program opening. Further assessment of increased scope after kickoff meeting: Site will need filterable table Pods for courses listings (Phase 1). CPE team to provide details for Canvas catalogue API. Bumped up to heavy due to Catalogue API integration (Phase 2).]

[Update 1 – Kickoff meeting Feb 10, 2022 to initiate project and confirm project expectations and scope.]

Your Site
Kristen Brooke
What is the name of your unit?
Career and Personal Education — Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic
Choose which best describes your unit
Admin Unit
Who are your top 3 audiences?
1) Learners / Students
2) UBC Okanagan Faculty
3) Partner Organizations (including Ministry / Government)
What are your 3 main goals for your new site?
1) Increase visibility of Career and Personal Education portfolio
2) Provide course catalogue and online registration for CPE courses
3) Provide accessibility to transformative learning options that meet the evolving needs of learners from various backgrounds/educational needs.
What You May Need
Do you think you will need new page layouts?
Do you think you’ll need custom functional elements?
If yes, please describe which functional items you might need.
Course catalogue and registration system
Do you think you will need any new components?
Will you be collecting any personal information?
If so, what kind of personal information will you be collecting?
Payment information; student registration information.

Touch Level: Medium

Current Platform: WordPress (Vancouver)

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Project Window

Early-Feb 2022 - Late-Mar 2022 March 30, 2022


Owner Group: Provost

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