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Phase 10 - Completed

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Website launched Feb 11

Project Summary

Update: Website launched Feb 11 after issues resolved with cms.ok.ubc.ca server SSL and med.ubc.ca subdomains -SQ

Update: IT submitted DNS change request to UBCV MedIT for ccdpm.med.ubc.ca to point to cms.ok.ubc.ca DNS record. -SQ

Update: SMP communicator has migrated content. UR brand check completed. -SQ

Update: CSP submitted to IT Nov 16. IT building basic site shell with content and sitemap as provided. -SQ

Update: Nov 5, 2020 – IT and UR met with SMP comms for kick off meeting. Light touch determined. SMP communicator is committed to building maintaining the website, no intentions at this time for site to be handed over to the centre. Initial project plan and sitemap submitted by SMP to UR. IT awaiting content starter pack. Status updated to Active. -SQ


Submitted Sept 8 via CMS website New Website Scope Questionnaire


Your Site
Warren Brock
What is the name of your unit?
Faculty of Medicine Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
Choose which best describes your unit
What is your current URL?
Who are your top 3 audiences?
Government, Funding Agencies, & Stakeholders
What are your 3 main goals for your new site?
-Increased functionality – news and events feeds
-Better UX
-Increased engagement with stakeholder groups
What You May Need
Do you think you will need new page layouts?
Do you think you’ll need custom functional elements?
Do you think you will need any new components?
Will you be collecting any personal information?

Touch Level: Light

Current Platform: WordPress (Vancouver)

Current URL:

Project Window

Early-Nov 2020 - Late-Dec 2020 February 11, 2021


Owner Group: SMP

Site Owner: warren.brock@ubc.ca

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Project ID: 4724