Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

Phase 10 - Completed

Phase 10 of 10

Kickoff meeting June 10. Admin suite (light), but potentially with filterable table in Pods... TBD.

Project Summary

Currently in UBCV CTLT CMS. The unit has expressed a desire to use the new UBCO theme.

[Update: Site launched on 5/13/2021]

UPDATE: CTL site now higher profile due to COVID 19 response for more remote teaching. Provost communicator has approved CTL request to make this project active along with OPAIR/PAIR and prioritized over Makerspace and International sites in provost portfolio. Kickoff meeting to be scheduled. -SQ

UPDATE 2: Kickoff meeting June 10. Admin suite (light), but potentially with a filterable table made in Pods… TBD. Julie Thomson from CTL will be point person. Jithin Shaji as lead dev.  -SQ

[UPDATE July 10 2020: Randy provided the Draft Project Plan to the CTL team. including the WorkZone template. ]

[UPDATE August 26 2020: CTL team submitted the sitemap to U.R and I.T for review.]

[UPDATE October 9 2020: I.T followed up with CTL and U.R for an update on the project.]

[UPDATE October 9 2020: UR and Julie from CTL revised project timelines as follows.

Oct 13-16: Julie to add notes to the sitemap
Oct 19/20: Randy to review/approve sitemap
Oct 19-30: Julie to prepare Content Starter Pack for the following four pages: Homepage, Teaching remotely (level 1), Support landing page (level 1), Awards (level 2)
Nov 2: Content Starter Pack handed over to IT.


[UPDATE October 19, 2020, Sitemap Approved. IT to scope the request for filterable tables.]

[UPDATE October 21, 2020, Met with Julie to review the request for filterable tables. Most likely this will not be part of the website redesign project.]

[UPDATE November 13, 2020, CSP Submitted for review. IT & UR to review CSP]

[UPDATE November 20, 2020, CSP Approved by UR]

[UPDATE November 24, 2020, IT spun up the CTL site on OKCMS]

[UPDATE December 7, 2020, IT handed-over completed CSP to CTL and trained on using the new site. ]

[UPDATE January 12, 2020, Agreed CTL could use the full Faculty-Department Theme. JS deactivated the Admin Suite Restrictions plugin. ]


Touch Level: Light

Current Platform: WordPress (Vancouver)

Current URL: https://ctl.ok.ubc.ca/

WordPress Development URL: http://ctl.cms.ok.ubc.ca/

Project Window

Early-Jun 2020 - Late-Dec 2020


Owner Group: Provost

Site Owner: Unavailable

Media (screenshots, mockups, etc.)

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Ticket Number: INC1986457

Project ID: 4117