Centre for Teaching and Learning Restructure

Phase 6 - Full Content Entry / Migration

Phase 6 of 10

Project Summary

Updated March 26: background is as follows

  • UR will performa brand quality and review; aiming for a launch the week of April 9.
  • February 12-March 22: CTL performed content entry
  • February 9: UR provide sitemap guidance
  • January 26: IT WebApps actioned clone.
  • January 18: CTL requested cloned shell to restructure its site. Clone was authorized subject to UR review of the sitemap.


Touch Level: Light

Current Platform: WordPress (Okanagan)

Current URL: https://ctl.ok.ubc.ca/

Project Window

Start date TBD - Launch date TBD


Owner Group: Provost

Site Owner: Unavailable

Media (screenshots, mockups, etc.)

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Project ID: 5936