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December 1, 2023: OK-CMS site not required. Student Housing and Community Services will be using UBCV Conferences and Accommodations installation and theme. -RL

February 1, 2022: AVPFO determined site could proceed under direction of dedicated communicator; Kristen Thompson checking with UBCV. -RL

[Update: Initial Scope meeting held on Nov 6/2020. SHHS is likely to go with an external vendor depending on funding. IT and UR consulted on various options. Kristen to confirm later on SHHS decision. ]

[Update Jan 2021: SHHS no longer exploring external vendors. Will work with UR and IT on a new site in UBCO CMS. -SQ]

[Update Jan 2021: UR to confirm the order of AVPFO website builds as suggested by the AVPFO Leadership. ]

[Update Feb 2021: SHHS confirmed that they will use UBCO CMS, not external vendor]

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Current Platform: WordPress (Vancouver)

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Start date TBD - Launch date TBD


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