Health and Social Development Redesign (Faculty)

Phase 6 - Full Content Entry / Migration

Phase 6 of 10

Kickoff meeting Mar 12. May be based out of cloned pages from other UBCO faculty sites (FCCS, Science, FASS, etc)

Project Summary


[Update Nov 2, 2021, Followed up with the client for a status on content population.]

[Update July 12, 2021 Completed the CSP/Sitemap/List of pages to clone]

[Update July 7, 2021 CSP/Sitemap/List of pages to clone submitted to I.T.]

[Update Mar 19: Kickoff meeting March 12, 2021. Light touch. No directory or functional elements are required other than standard news page and UBCO events integration. Major content pages will be audiences and landing pages that link out to program pages. Discovery phase 1. Project plan and sitemap to be submitted by the communicator. ]

Touch Level: Light

Current Platform: WordPress (Okanagan)

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Project Window

Early-Mar 2021 - Launch date TBD


Owner Group: FHSD

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Ticket Number: INC2326282

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