Indigenous Engagement

Phase 6 - Full Content Entry / Migration

Phase 6 of 10

Site shell completed March 2023. Content entry with UR and contractor.

Project Summary

Mar. 22, 2024: site in review by Indigenous Affairs team; launch anticipated in spring. -RL

March 7, 2023: Site shell completed. Content entry with UR and contractor. -SQ]

March 1, 2023: UR playing a lead role in site build for spring launch. Pixel Salad contracted for content entry build. -RL

Kickoff meeting Feb 9, 2022. Likely a few customizations re: forthcoming consultations with local Indigenous Creators on artwork and/or branding. Marked Medium in anticipation of details. – SQ

Your Site
Kelly Fosbery
What is the name of your unit?
Indigenous Affairs
Choose which best describes your unit
Admin Unit
Who are your top 3 audiences?
Indigenous students, Indigenous faculty & staff, Indigenous community
What are your 3 main goals for your new site?
Looking to bring all Indigenous content into one cohesive site and share more collaboratively
What You May Need
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Do you think you’ll need custom functional elements?
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Will you be collecting any personal information?

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Early-Feb 2022 - Launch date TBD


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