Infrastructure Development

Phase 1 - Discovery

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Project Summary

March 22, 2024: Kickoff held Feb. 9; anticipated development in May and launch in July. -RL

[February 1, 2022: AVPFO sites require planning and content resourcing; UR will support one site at a time. Parking selected as priority site. -RL]

[January 19, 2022: consolidation of into recommended. -RL]

[Dec 2020: Aaron Mogerman, Director, Infrastructure Development submitted the completed project plan.]

[April 2020: On Hold until the new directors are hired.]

[March 2020: Met with Erika, Randy and IT representatives to learn more about the request and to provide information on the OKCMS Site build process.]

Touch Level: TBD

Current Platform: WordPress (Okanagan)

Current URL:

Project Window

Start date TBD - Launch date TBD


Owner Group: ADMFIN

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Ticket Number: INC1986404

Project ID: 4671