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Phase 6 - Full Content Entry / Migration

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Dev site handed over March 3

Project Summary

[Update March 3, 2021: Content Starter Pack complete. Handed over for content migration/entry.]

[Update March 2, 2021: Project plan and sitemap submitted approved by UR February 22. IT still awaiting Content Starter Pack.]

[Update: Project plan and sitemap submitted Feb 12, 2021 and under review by UR]

[Update: Ticket submitted to IT Feb 1, 2021. Communicator expressed urgency.]

“General Area of Issue: website
UBCO is lobbying to have the new BC Federal Regional Development Agency co-locate at UBCO in the Innovation Precinct (see recent tweet) and we are garnering a fair amount of media attention from the Cleantech Hub news release issued in Jan 2021. The existing site template does not meet our needs, so site content needs to be ported over to teh new WordPress platform. Existing website content can be used as the starter pack; site owner will build and update new page content prior to launch.

New sitemap:
– About the precinct (include Building One and Learning Factory as child pages)
– Innovation hubs – new (will include Cleantech Hub as a child page)
– Partner opportunities
– Featured projects
– News (use news and events feed)
Campus: UBC Okanagan


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2- Generate support for major infrastructure investment.
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Touch Level: Light

Current Platform: WordPress (Okanagan)

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Project Window

Late-Feb 2021 - Launch date TBD


Owner Group: VPR

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