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Site launched November 3, 2022

Project Summary

[Site launched November 3, 2022]

ORS has begun a content audit of the current site. Also examining Google analytics.

Brianna Wells will be the primary contact for content. Amber Hanson to PM.

Desire for filterable table functional element to list research projects. Research to provide IT with full scope of required fields as well as template output if needed. Examples here:


[Update November 19, 2021 – CSV Import complete, notified Amber requesting a review of the imported content.]

[Update November 2, 2021 Completed CSV for Custom Post Type submitted to I.T]

[Update July 5, 2021 Followed up for information on the Content Starter Pack]

[Update June 29, 2021 Initial overview of the Custom Post Type and datatable. ]

[Update June 11, 2021, Discussed the Custom Post Type for the ORS build. ]

[Update February 17, 2021, Followed up on sitemap and CSP. The sitemap is still in progress.]

[Update November 23, 2020, Discussed the project requirements and timeline. Customer to submit the CSP before the 2020 Christmas break. The expected launch date is Aug 20, 2021. CWL authentication is an ideal requirement, however, if the Novell to CWL authentication project does not get completed, ORS would continue the current process of uploading the forms to their counterpart’s website, The filterable Table(PODS) component is what we would use for filtering and searching forms.

Notified the drawbacks of media security in WordPress, and also went over Qualtrics as the ideal, secure alternative for forms.]





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Early-Apr 2020 - Early-Nov 2022 November 3, 2022


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