Nursing Redesign (Dept)

Phase 10 - Completed

Phase 10 of 10

Site launched December 16 2020

Project Summary

After initial kickoff meeting, UR and IT determined it as a light touch build. No new components or functional elements needed.

[Update: Communicator to provide list of pages to be cloned from other websites and brought into a new nursing site. ]

[Update Apr 2020: Communicator in content entry stage. IT added list of directory users Mar 30 and awaiting update.]

[Update Dec 2020: Website launched Dec 16, 2020. Marking project complete.]

Touch Level: Light

Current Platform: WordPress (Okanagan)

Current URL:

Project Window

Early-Jul 2019 - Late-Dec 2020


Owner Group: FHSD

Site Owner:

Media (screenshots, mockups, etc.)

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Project ID: 851