Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO)

Phase 1 - Discovery

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Kickoff meeting completed Mar 9. Light touch admin suite. Marked Active.

Project Summary

[Update Oct 5, 2021 – Temporarily on hold due to AVPS Student portfolio restructuring. Will be revisited late 2021. -SQ]

[Update: Kickoff meeting completed Mar 9. Light touch admin suite. Marked Active. Site design will not retain UBCV SVPRO brand, will keep consistent with regular UBCO styling. IT has restored site shell and has been made available to communicator. Communicator to work with SVPRO team to define project and site architecture/content. -SQ]

Requested Feb 2021. started as UBCO CMS site, then moved to CTLT CMS to align with SVPRO Vancouver branding, now requesting to return to UBCO CMS. Old project site was archived and has now been unarchived for customer to review. -SQ

Your Site
Kristy Condon
What is the name of your unit?
Choose which best describes your unit
Admin Unit
What is your current URL?
Who are your top 3 audiences?
UBC community members who:
– know someone who has been affected by sexual violence or have received a disclosure
– have personally been affected by sexual violence
– are seeking information or resources about sexual violence response and prevention
What are your 3 main goals for your new site?
– Transition site from custom WordPress theme (based on to UBCO WordPress theme
– Increase functionality and ease of use by incorporating components available in new WordPress CMS
– Update content to shift primary focus from survivors to allies/supporters
What You May Need
Do you think you will need new page layouts?
Do you think you’ll need custom functional elements?
Do you think you will need any new components?
Will you be collecting any personal information?

Touch Level: Light

Current Platform: WordPress (Vancouver)

Current URL:

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Project Window

Early-Mar 2021 - Launch date TBD


Owner Group: Students

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Ticket Number: INC2172266

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