UBC IT Okanagan

Phase 10 - Completed

Phase 10 of 10

Site launched July 16, 2020

Project Summary

Hybrid flip (mostly) of UBC IT Okanagan website. UBC Okanagan specific content will be brought in as pages. Most areas link out to UBC federated services in Vancouver. Desire for more exposure for user FAQs and KnowIT knowledge base. Lead dev Steve Quilala.

[Update: Project restarted in Q2 2020 for target delivery early July 2020 -SQ]

[Update 2: Custom development for dynamic search Computer Labs list completed. -SQ]

[Update 3: IT to reviewing content internally with Service desk and other IT teams. -SQ]

[Update 4: Rename/rebrand unit to “UBC IT Okanagan” from “IT, Media and Classroom Services”. -SQ]

[Update 5: Target launch revised to mid-July 2020 to prioritize IKBSAS faculty split launch July 1.  -SQ]

[Update 6: Under review by UBCO IT leadership team. Brand check requested from UR.  -SQ]

[Update 7: Brand check complete. IT making final edits and prepping for launch. -SQ]

[Update 8: Site launched July 16, 2020. -SQ]

Touch Level: Medium

Current Platform: ACM

Current URL: http://it.ok.ubc.ca/

Sitemap URL: http://it.ok.ubc.ca/sitemap.html

Project Window

Early-Apr 2020 - Early-Jul 2020 July 16, 2020


Owner Group: IT

Site Owner: steve.quilala@ubc.ca

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Ticket Number: 196528.01

Project ID: 777