Events Refresh Project

Phase 1 - Discovery

Phase 1 of 10

Enhancements for UBCO Events site. UR to provide wireframes and/or high fidelity designs to IT. Moving back to Discovery.

Project Summary

Refresh project will be secondary phase after a separate project for updating all TEC plugins. Preparation for TEC legacy views from version 5.0 being retired and new views styles being standard. -SQ

[Update Apr 3, 2023: IT testing TEC version 6 update with update to Series/Recurring events and various bug fixes -SQ  ]

[Update Feb 24, 2022: Moving back to Discovery phase. IT waiting for details from UR. -SQ  ]

[Update Dec 14, 2021: Several TEC plugins updated to the new version 5.0 calendar views. Refresh will be based on the design of this new 5.0 update. ]

[Update: Testing in CMS Dev started and evaluations of impact of plugin update. ]

[Update: Relatively low impact of plugin update. TEC extended legacy views in application codebase to Feb 2022, but is officially unsupported. UR and IT re-evaluating timelines. -SQ]

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Randy Lievers
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University Relations
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Admin Unit
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Events Refresh Project

1. Students
2. Faculty & Staff
3. Community

What are your 3 main goals for your new site?
Revise landing page for to:
1. more prominently highlight featured events
2. integrate Vancouver events
3. feature calendars not included (UBCSUO, Heat, Academic Deadlines from calendar)
What You May Need
Do you think you will need new page layouts?
If yes, please describe or provide a sample of website you like.
Project will involve wireframing and high fidelity design from UR design team.
Do you think you’ll need custom functional elements?
If yes, please describe which functional items you might need.
Potential feeds from other calendar websites.
Do you think you will need any new components?
Will you be collecting any personal information?

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Project Window

Early-Jun 2021 - Late-Nov 2021


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