United Way Campaign Okanagan

Phase 10 - Completed

Phase 10 of 10

Site launched November 16, 2022

Project Summary

[Update: Project marked complete March 17, 2023 -RL]

[Update: Site launched November 16, 2022]

[Update: Target launch date November 16, 2022]

[Update: CSP completed Aug 4 2022. Handed over to Provost for content entry. ]

[Update March 30: DVC taking ownership of unitedway.ok.ubc.ca currently on sites.olt CMS. Communicator wants to move site to UBCO CMS. Mainly informational site with minimal content. Admin Suite confirmed. Kickoff meeting March 30. ]

Your Site
Linda Gillett
What unit/dept is the site for?
United Way
Choose which best describes your unit
What is your current URL?
Who are your top 3 audiences?
Staff & faculty
What are your 3 main goals for your new site?
Help raise awareness of UBC’s affiliation with United Way in order to raise funds for the united way through staff and faculty donations
Keep interested parties up to date on the activities of the United Way on campus
What You May Need
Do you think you will need new page layouts?
Do you think you’ll need custom functional elements?
Do you think you will need any new components?
Will you be collecting any personal information?

Touch Level: Light

Current Platform: WordPress (Vancouver)

Current URL: https://unitedway.ok.ubc.ca/

Project Window

Late-Mar 2022 - Late-Nov 2022


Owner Group: DVC

Site Owner: linda.gillett@ubc.ca

Media (screenshots, mockups, etc.)

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Ticket Number: INC2901030

Project ID: 5050