Watershed Ecosystems (VPRI)

Phase 10 - Completed

Phase 10 of 10

Site launched March 20, 2023

Project Summary

[Update: Site launched March 20, 2023 -SQ]

[Update: launch scheduled March 20 -RL]

[Update: Training and handover completed July 20, 2022. Watershed Ecosystems group in content entry phase.]

First site to start project build using new VPRI Theme based on F/D Theme developed for research institutes and clusters

Touch Level: Heavy

Current Platform: N/A (New site)

Current URL: http://watershed-ecosystems.ok.ubc.ca/

Project Window

Early-Jul 2022 - Late-Mar 2023


Owner Group: VPR

Site Owner: marni.turek@ubc.ca

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Project ID: 5102