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June 22, 2022 – CMS Enhancements release

The following enhancement requests have now been completed: Visible Credentials on Directory Profiles List – Requested by Shauna Oddleifson Add Instagram to the social media icons/links in the Central Directory – Requested by Meghan Reid Add Thesis Title to the Graduate Student Role in Central Directory – Requested by Meghan Reid The above enhancement requests […]

Weekly jQuery Migrate Status Update Emails

Over the weekend, you may have received one or more emails titled ‘Weekly jQuery Migrate Status Update’. These emails are legitimate emails from the UBCO CMS, and not phishing attempts. They were accidentally enabled as part of a recent CMS update. If you received an email containing error details, feel free to forward them to […]

Site Admin Email Verification

Site Admin Email Verification

Every 6 months the UBC Okanagan CMS will prompt administrators to confirm or update the website owner’s email address for accuracy and administration purposes. Administrators have the ability to update this email address to the correct owner. The new site owner will receive a confirmation email to accept ownership. The website owner should use an […]