Feb 27, 2022 – CMS Student Exam Uploader Release

The Student exam uploader plugin has been released.

This plugin support WordPress multi sites installation. Please active the UBCO Student Exam Uploader plugin first.


In order to use this tool, the user must have Allow user to upload exam schedule capability.

Web site admin can grant this capability via the user profile editing page.


Upload the exam schedule

Please use Exam schedule menu item to access this tool, it is located on the left side of the navigation panel.

User with the Allow user to upload exam schedule capability will be able to access this admin page and upload exam schedule file in CSV format.

Once exam schedule file has been uploaded. This tool will also process the csv file and update the front end exam schedule table.


Display the exam schedule

To display the front end schedules, please insert [ubco_exam_schedule] in the desired sections of a post/page.