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Site Admin Email Verification

Site Admin Email Verification

Every 6 months the UBC Okanagan CMS will prompt administrators to confirm or update the website owner’s email address for accuracy and administration purposes. Administrators have the ability to update this email address to the correct owner. The new site owner will receive a confirmation email to accept ownership. The website owner should use an […]

Example Shadow Boxes - View live example on our Demo Site

Shadow Boxes

Recommended Usage Shadow Boxes are essentially text wrapped in a box with a subtle box shadow around it. This option should be used sparingly to highlight specific lines of text, key messages, or highlights.  There are three colour options, White, Light Blue and Light Grey. How to add a Shadow Box: Highlight a single sentence […]

Example Mega Boxes - View live example on our Demo Site >

Mega Boxes

Recommended Usage The Mega Box component consists of boxed areas with text inside, grouped together in sets of two-column or three-column rows.  There are four colour options, Primary (dark blue), Secondary (medium blue), Light Blue, and White. Mega boxes are best used for displaying themed or grouped content, and should be similar in word or […]

How do I create a redirect?

How do I create a redirect?

Question: How do I create a redirect? Answer: In your site dashboard, go to Tools -> Redirection Note: If you do not see the ‘Redirection’ option in your site’s dashboard, please put a ticket in with the IT Helpdesk so the web team can activate the plugin for you. Once you are in the Redirection screen, […]

UBCO CMS Enhancements July/Aug 2019

Hello WebCore Administrators, Below is a quick rundown of noteworthy enhancements added to the UBCO CMS in July/Aug 2019. To see the full list of enhancement requests or to request something new, please visit our Enhancement Requests page. Web Accessibility Skip Links Working with the Disability Resource Centre, the IT web team has added three ‘skip links’ to the Faculty/dept […]