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Note: UBCO uses a different version of the UBC CLF WordPress theme hence has different theme options.

Navigation(Figure 1) in the UBC theme consists of the top navigation headerbreadcrumb navigation, and next and previous posts navigation.

To set your preferences for the navigation, in the WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Navigation and select your preferred options.

The Navigation options consist of four major sections: StyleBreadcrumbs, and Next and Previous Posts.

Figure 1: Navigation Options

Figure 1: Navigation Options


The Style section allows you to choose whether the top navigation header is enabled or disabled. By default, the top navigation header is enabled. To disable it, uncheck the Display the navigation checkbox found in the Style section.


Breadcrumbs are a visual representation of your website’s hierarchy leading to the current page. They help orient the user and allow easy access to any of the parent pages.

If you wish to display breadcrumbs, check off the Display the breadcrumbs checkbox found at the top of the breadcrumbs section.

You can also change the style of the breadcrumb separators as well as the name of the link to the frontpage and the text after the current page in the breadcrumbs.

Next and Previous Posts

Next and previous post navigation allows users to easily move from one post to the next in a series of posts. This is especially useful for blogs or news websites where there is a long series of entries to navigate through.

You can choose to enable next and previous post navigation by checking off the Display next and previous post navigation checkbox. Furthermore, there are three options for customizing the wording in the next and previous post navigation:

  1. Previous | Next
  2. Previous Post Title | Next Post Title
  3. Custom

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