Forms using Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms can be used to create online forms that site visitors can fill out and an email notification will be sent to the author each time a form is submitted. An example of such a form could ask users to fill out information for an upcoming event.

When using Gravity Forms, do not store/collect any sensitive information. Sensitive information includes student numbers, CWL information, and private personal information. Furthermore, please don’t use Gravity Forms for mission-critical information; even though we keep database backups, data loss still might occur.

Form Setup

Log in to your site, if you haven’t already done so.

Add a New Form

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Forms -> New Form.
  2. The ‘Create a New Form’ box will appear now and you can enter the title and description for your form. Click on the ‘Create Form’ button and you will see the Form Editor Page(Figure 2).
  3. ‘Drag’ and ‘Drop’ necessary fields to the form editor on the left. Fields can be taken from the Form Fields section on the right.
    • The Form Fields section provides an overview of all available Gravity Form field types and their configuration options.
  4. Create and save your form. Check out these links to learn more about the Form Editor and Form Fields.

Figure 2: Form Editor Page

Optional: Confirmation Notice

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Forms -> Forms and select the form you wish to change
  2. Click on the “Form Settings”(You can access the Form Settings page either from ‘Forms‘ page(Figure 3) or from the ‘Form Editor‘(Figure 4))
  3. Select the “Confirmation” tab and edit the confirmation text field
    • If you also wish to add any of the information submitted through the form (ex: name):
      1. Select the “Text” radio button on the “Confirmation” tab
      2. Enter the text that you’d like to precede the form item (name example: “Thank you, “)
      3. Select the form item you’d like to have appeared in the confirmation message from the “Insert from field” dropdown(Figure 5)
        • Your message in the text field should look similar to this: “Thank you, {Name (First):3.3}”
  4. Alternately, you can also link to an internal or external page upon confirmation by selecting the “Page” or “Redirect” radio button respectively.

Figure 3: Form Settings from Forms page



Figure 4: Form Settings from Form Editor



Figure 5: Editing Confirmation Message

Embed the form onto a page

  1. Either create a new Page or edit an existing Page: Dashboard -> Pages -> New Page or Dashboard -> Pages -> Pages.
  2. Add the form to the page. Use the grey button between the page title and page body(Figure 6).
  3. Save the Page.
Figure 6: Add a form to a page.

Figure 6: Add a form to a page.

Test the form

  1. Go to the page that you just created and fill out your form. Check that you received an email with the information you entered.
  2. Check if the form has a new entry. Go to Dashboard -> Forms -> Forms and check the Entries column, or go to Dashboard -> Forms -> Entries and select the form you just created.