Posts vs. Pages in WordPress

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WordPress employs two fundamental content types: pages and posts. These content types behave quite differently and therefore it is important to understand when to create a page or a post.

Pages are static. They are a good way to publish information that doesn’t change much, like an “About” or “Contact Us” page. Pages are usually linked from the main navigation bar on the Homepage.

Posts are dynamic. Posts are always associated with a date and are really meant to update your audience.

Some key differences:

  • Pages are:
    1. static content that will not change – or will change very rarely (Examples are ‘About Me’, ‘Contact Me’, ‘Services’, etc.)
    2. not related to categories or tags
    3. do not appear in RSS feeds
    4. may have subpages (this gives the appearance of a more traditional website)
  • Posts are:
    1. dynamic (you may create a couple of posts a day!)
    2. displayed in reverse chronological order (placing the most recent content at the top of the page)
    3. can be assigned tags and categories (helps with search engines!)
    4. good for updating your audience
    5. are syndicated via RSS

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