Add thumbnails to Directory Listing

Requested by: Kendall Pew, Meghan Reid, Allyssa Costerton-Grant

Status: Completed

Change to something that already exists?: Yes
Requires a new CMS Component?: No
Requires New Functionality?: Yes
Estimated Completion Date: Nov 2021


[Update Feb 2024, This feature has already been fully released in 2022]

[Update Feb 2022, Partly released, Full release – TBD]

[Update 10/21/2021 YY: Work in progress. Will use the existing thumbnail image as the default image in the profiles listing view. ]

[Update 4: UR circulated 2nd draft Contacts Directory Photo standards to WebCore users. Will be discussed again at March 2021 Webcore meeting ]

[Update 3: UR has circulated draft guidelines for Contacts Directory Photo standards to WebCore users. To be discussed at May 2020 Webcore meeting. -SQ]

[Update 2 from November Webcore meeting: University Relations explained early decision to exclude image thumbnails from main list citing concerns about inconsistent quality of photos that would appear on the list. Some Administrators maintain tight control over profiles and profile imagery by updating it themselves, but some allow the users themselves to update their own profile and image. Group understanding that image quality standards should be as high as possible. Proposal for UR to produce ‘profile image quality guidelines’ document to help achieve high level consistency. Technical work from IT would actually be quite minimal, but agree that uniform standards would be ideal before rolling out thumbnails universally.  -SQ]

[Update 1: It was an intentional decision by UR for images not to be displayed in the directory listing. More background details about the decision to be discussed at Nov 2019 Webcore meeting. -SQ ]


“Add Thumbnail image of headshots.
Numerous requests for this from most IKBSAS Departments. Students may not remember the name of a professor they have or spoke to at a recruitment event.”

Social Work

“Please add images (from the central directory) to the Faculty contact lists on our websites.”


“A number of people have provided the feedback that the directory page is difficult to navigate if it doesn’t have profile photos on it. Basically, sometimes people cheat by looking for a person’s face rather than their name. Is it possible to pull photos from the central directory to this page so you can see them next to their name?”



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