Decommission Text Carousel Component

Requested by: Randy Lievers

Status: Completed

Change to something that already exists?: Yes
Requires a new CMS Component?: No
Requires New Functionality?: No
Estimated Completion Date: Completed - Late May 2020


Originally developed for main UBCO website Okanagan Stories, it is no longer being used. Component is impractical and can only be used with a very small amount of text. Rarely used.

[SQ has removed component from demo site as requested by RL so it is no longer demonstrated as an active component]

[IT needs to investigate potential impacts(s), safe removal of an existing component]

[SQ added project to enhancements list to encourage discussion in Webcore prior to proceeding with removal]

[Update: No opposition in Nov 2019 webcore meeting. Partial proof of concept started in dev. Relies on method of injecting a unique class into WordPress admin section where ACF selector can be hidden via CSS. Status changed to active. -SQ]

[Update May 28 2020: – This component has now been decommissioned and is no longer part of the CMS.]

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