Editorial Workflow Functionality

Requested by: Randy Lievers & Amber Hanson

Status: Request Cancelled

Change to something that already exists?: Yes
Requires a new CMS Component?: No
Requires New Functionality?: Yes


[ Update Feb 2023 – Request Cancelled due to technical complexity and long-term maintainability of the system.]

[ Update March 2022 – Research/Plugin Evaluation on hold. ]

User Workflow:

Currently our WP installation doesn’t provide sufficient user workflow. Most teams utilize two user types: Editors and Administrators, which both have the capability to publish content to a website. Often groups are making changes and publishing them live, and then other team members are double-checking and reviewing the changes on the live pages.

We’re looking for a workflow solution where a user group with limited access (e.g. a contributor or author) could add draft content to a site, and then it would go to an editor or administrator for review and publishing.

This workflow would be required both on new pages/posts that haven’t been published AND changes to existing pages/posts that are already live.

I believe this was investigation previously, but plugins such as Revisionize had bugs and issues.

Ticket Number: INC2560712

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