Graduate Student Supervisor Label Revision

Requested by: Meghan Reid

Status: Completed

Change to something that already exists?: Yes
Requires a new CMS Component?: No
Requires New Functionality?: Yes
Estimated Completion Date: Nov 2021


[Released Feb. 2022 ]

[Update 10/21/2021 YY: Work in progress. I had some emails exchange with Meghan Reid. She expressed that it is difficult to come up with a standard language that would work for all. We agreed that a text input box is needed for flexibility. ]

[Update March 2021: Meghan Reid still to discuss with communicators for ideal wording that covers multiple conditions and/or if it’s multiple labels, one and other or both, etc…]

[Update Summer 2020: 2nd revision to this label. Decision impacts all sites using directory. Needs more discussion with UR and Webcore. Preference for exact wording of labels to be settled before IT starts any development. Meghan Reid to discuss with other communicators. ]

Original Submission:

“Graduate Student Supervisor Label

The wording of the label was previously changed from “Accepting Graduate Students” to “Graduate Student Supervisor”. The function of the label stayed the same and it isn’t working for IKBSAS faculty. It’s required that a faculty member be identified as a Graduate Student Supervisor, however they may or may not be accepting students. The result is Professors who are Supervisors but not accepting students are receiving many requests from potential students because the current label doesn’t distinguish.

The label is causing confusion and has been identified in multiple requests to the IKBSAS Communications Office from IGS, CCGS and psychology departments. Professors with the tag are being contacted when they are not accepting new students. The challenge with removing the tag is that they still need to be identified as a Graduate Student Supervisor as part of their role and position.

Our suggested revision is to have two tags available to select:
Graduate Student Supervisor: Accepting Students
Graduate Student Supervisor: Not Accepting Students or Not Accepting Students for 2020/21 (wording to be discussed with WebCore Group)

Currently we’ve addressed this on the psychology website by manually typing into the Research Areas” section “Not accepting graduate students for 2020-21.” so that the information shows at the top below label. The information shouldn’t fall under the research areas heading though as it’s not the right fit.

Note, this feature is what populates the list of names in the supervisors tab on most graduate program pages (there are some sites or programs that have a static listing, for example psychology). The dynamic function on the graduate program pages should also be considered.”

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