‘Highlighter’ text style format for content that needs to be reviewed

Requested by: Meghan Reid

Status: Completed

Change to something that already exists?: Yes
Requires a new CMS Component?: No
Requires New Functionality?: Yes
Estimated Completion Date: Completed - Late Dec 2019


Original ticket submission below

Who is this for: Myself
Department: Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences – Dean’s Office

What would you like to do:Request Something New (accounts, equipment, supplies, services, etc.)
Request Type: Websites
Other: Yes
Description:Mark / Highlight feature in the WordPress WYSIWG editor
Additional Details:Request to add a highlight into the WordPress editor – for the Barber development websites in the Transition project that will be cloned for major updates:
1. Faculty of Science Website: science.ok.ubc.ca*
2. Faculty of Science Intranet: science.intranet.ok.ubc.ca*
3. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Website: fass.ok.ubc.ca*
4. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Intranet: fass.intranet.ok.ubc.ca*
5. CCGS Department Website: ccgs.ok.ubc.ca/
6. Biology Department Website: biology.ok.ubc.ca
7. Chemistry Department Website: chemistry.ok.ubc.ca
8. Psychology Department Website: psych.ok.ubc.ca
9. CMPS Department Website Department Website: cmps.ok.ubc.ca
10. History & Sociology Department Website: hs.ok.ubc.ca
11. EEGS Department Website: eegs.ok.ubc.ca
12. EPP Department Website: epp.ok.ubc.ca
*proposed domain names

Could this be a style in “Formats > Text Style “? I currently use text but there are others working on the sites and it’s more time consuming to search in the source code when we get into larger blocks of content.

A sample is here: https://sciences.cms.ok.ubc.ca/programs/general-bsc/

This will help us with our work, being able to update or flag content that will need to be revisited. All the highlights would be removed prior to go-live.

[Update: Requested recently, but has been prioritized by IT web team to help IKBSAS in advance of the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science split. Several websites under the Barber school need to be audited, reviewed, and edited to make sure content is ready ahead of the formal split in July 2020. JS started on working proof of concept started in dev site. JE exploring a plugin that is activated by IT while sites are under development, then deactivated after site launch. Status changed to Active. -SQ]

[Update 2: JE learned there is an existing ‘Mark’ ability in TinyMCE Advanced plugin that we already have installed in the UBCO CMS. Instead of custom development, web team will simply activate/deactivate TinyMCE Advanced upon request. JS dropping development on custom highlighter. Marked complete. -SQ]

Ticket Number: 192472.01

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