Light Blue Mega Button Option

Requested by: Steve Quilala

Status: Completed

Live Example:
Change to something that already exists?: Yes
Requires a new CMS Component?: No
Requires New Functionality?: No
Estimated Completion Date: Completed - Early Mar 2019


Option for a Light Blue Mega Button. Would be useful if using 6 or more mega buttons in a grid.

The three current mega buttons are quite heavy blue (UBC primary, secondary and ‘bright’ blue). A collection of light blue mega buttons would not look as heavy together on a page.

[Update: SQ pulled to prod Feb 14 and added example to CMS Demo site]

[Update 2: Initial light blue a little too light. SQ made shade slightly darker Mar 6]

Completion Notes:

Light Blue Mega Button Option now available.

Ticket Number: N/A

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