Page Section Option – Borders

Requested by: Steve Quilala

Status: Request Cancelled

Change to something that already exists?: Yes
Requires a new CMS Component?: No
Requires New Functionality?: Yes


Add an option for Page Section ‘Bordered’ style for default/white background page sections.

Options in ACF Page section tab for a solid border above and/or below a white page section.

[ Update June 2023 – UR & Web&Apps agreed to not proceed with this request. Discussed in the June 20 WebCore Planning Meeting. ]

[ Update March 2022 – Deployment on hold. ]

++++++++++[ Update Nov 2021 – JE ]++++++++++

This enhancement is currently in active development and will include the following:

  • Two border colours – Secondary Blue and Grey
  • Border position options – Top Only, Bottom Only, Both Top and Bottom
  • Border options will be available with white background only
  • Two pixel border height

This enhancement has been presented to Randy Lievers from UR, and has been approved for deployment to the CMS sometime in early 2022. Live demo will be shown at Webcore Dec 2021.


Ticket Number: INC2299938

Media (Screenshots, etc.)