Queue Management


Recommended Usage

The UBCO Student Advising Line Tracker plugin will generate a shortcode that allows users to place a Comm100 wait time on  any page. This plugin is able to display the current number of people in line and forecasts the wait time for Virtual and In-Person drop-in advising.

Plugin Fields:
The UBCO Student Advising Line Tracker has the following fields:

  • Location ID (Required) – Your location ID from the COMM100
  • Site ID (Required) – Your site ID from the COMM100
  • Colour (Optional) – Available background colours are Light Blue and White.
  • Button Label (Recommend) – This term designates a button that serves as a link to join an active queue.


On mobile devices, the boxes will stack vertically.

How to add a UBCO Student Advising Line Tracker component in a Single Column Row:

  1. Pages/Posts -> Add New
  2. Add a Page Section.
  3. Click Add New Inside Content Row and select Single Column Row.
  4. Add Component -> Select Standard Editor -> Add UBCO Student Advising Line Tracker.
  5. Input plugin fields.
  6. Click Insert Shortcode button.
  7. Click Preview to often see how your page looks before going live. Make edits as necessary.
  8. Publish/Update when ready to go live.