[RESOLVED] UBCO WordPress CMS Email Service Outage

Web Services was recently notified that the UBCO WordPress CMS had been bouncing messages since August 21st. This means CMS users would not have received notification emails sent from the system since that date.

Impacted services include:

  • Gravity Form submission emails
  • WordPress administration messages (i.e.: new user, change in site owner, new site registration).
    Please note that Gravity Form entries submitted during this time period were successfully captured and continue to be available in your site’s Dashboard.

If you have an online form in your WordPress website where you were expecting submissions during the past few weeks, we recommend that you check your form Entries page (Your WP Site Dashboard -> Forms -> Entries) to view your received submissions. Additionally, if you had added any new users, please consider re-adding them or notifying them directly.

Email services from the UBCO WordPress CMS were successfully restored as of 9 am Tuesday, September 18th and an investigation into the root cause is currently underway.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your patience.