How do I add a new user to a website in OKCMS?


  • The user must have an active CWL account.
  • The user must be an active UBC employee to access the UBC Okanagan Content Management System.

Add a new user to a website in OKCMS

  1. Request the user to create an account in OKCMS by logging in to
    1. Upon successful login, an account will be created for the user in the OKCMS.
  2. A site administrator can then add the new user to the respective website and assign the required role, such as an editor or administrator.
    1. Dashboard -> Users -> Add new
    2. Add Existing user -> find the user using their email address or CWL username -> Choose a role -> click the ‘Add Existing User’ button.

A screenshot showing the 'Add Existing User' section on the 'Add New' Screen under Users in WordPress dashboard.

Note: If your website uses the UBCO CMS Central Directory ( for Contact/Profile Pages then the new user should be added to the website as a subscriber in addition to their respective unit website. See User management for UBCO CMS Faculty & Staff Directory for detailed information.