User management for UBCO CMS Faculty & Staff Directory

With CWL authentication enabled on UBCO CMS, it is no longer required to submit a UBCO IT Onboarding request or ticket to add new faculty, and staff to the UBCO CMS directory(


Before you add a user to a site on the UBCO CMS, they need to have a CMS account. If the user does not have a CMS account, then they cannot be added to a site.

New users can get an account on UBCO CMS by logging in to for the very first time. Upon successful login, an account will be created for the user in UBCO CMS.

Add a user to UBCO CMS Central Directory Website & Respective Unit Websites.

Add the new user to the UBCO CMS Central Directory Website.

The profiles should be edited on the Central Directory Website including uploading user profile images and CVs.

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to Users -> Add New
  3. In the Add Existing User section, enter the email address or CWL username of the new user.
  4. Assign the Subscriber role.
  5. Make sure Skip Confirmation Email is checked.
  6. Click the Add Existing User button.

Add the user to respective unit websites.

Once the profile is complete in Central Directory, you may now add the user to the respective unit websites. For each unit website, repeat steps 2-5.

Note on Offboarding/Transferring a user.

To ensure a faculty/staff user profile is completely removed from your UBCO websites, you must remove the user from Central Directory as well as each department/unit website they have been added to. For each site, go to Users > find the user > hover over the listing and click Remove > Confirm Removal.

In cases where an individual needs to be removed from a website where you are not an Administrator, contact your fellow communicator to ask them to remove the individual from their site’s users list.