Image Slider

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Recommended Usage

Image Slider is used to display a carousel of pictures and their captions.

Component Fields:
Image slider has fields for selecting the slide picture and a text field for entering the caption.


The slider has left and right arrows that will change the slides.

How to add an Image Slider component

  1. Add a Page Section.
  2. Click Add New Inside Content Row and select Single Column Row/Two Column Row.
  3. Click Add Component button > select Image Slider. (Please  submit  a ticket  if  you cannot  find  the option.)
  4. Choose the Caption style.
  5. Click Add Slider button to add individual slides.
  6. Add your Slide Image and Caption.
  7. Reorder individual accordions by dragging and dropping each slide to your desired order. Hover over the numbered grey bar on the far left to click and drag each slide up or down.
  8. Click Preview to often test your slider. Make edits as necessary.
  9. Publish/Update when ready to go live.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • All images should be the exact same size in pixel dimensions for this to look right.
  • Don’t overuse image sliders, space they take up reduces room for other content.
  • Use sliders to support the content and to create a visual experience for the user. For example a photo gallery of an event.
  • Lengthy captions should be avoided.


Single Column Row and Two Column Row on the Default, Home, Landing and the News page templates.