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This component is available in the Single column row on the Faculty and Department theme.

Recommended Usage

A Call-Out Section makes it easy to highlight important information.  It makes your content stand out with a visually distinct box for text and links. The call-out section is not a component, instead is a page section that has a background colour. The contents of a call-out section are populated using the Standard Editor Component which is placed inside a single column row.

How to add a call-out

  1. Add a Page Section.
  2. In Page Section Options, Choose Colour Background under Background Type
  3. Choose a background from Background and Text Colour options.
  4. Switch back to the Content tab
  5. Click Add New Inside Content Row and select Single Column Row.
  6. Click Add Standard Editor and enter your call-out message along with the link.
  7. Highlight the text
  8. Click the “Formats” button and select Text Styles and “Callout Align Center & Margin Fix
  9. Click Preview to often to test your call-out. Make necessary edits to the Page Section Margin and Padding by going to the Page Section Options.
  10. Publish/Update when ready to go live.

Page Section Options of a Call-out Section

Apply the callout style.

Screenshot showing page section without callout style selected

With callout style applied

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Adding more than one line of text could potentially conflict with the concept of a typical call-out.
  • Try keeping the content restricted to one clear call to action (CTA) with a link.
  • Avoid using the words “Click Here” for any link you add to a call-out.