How to Build a Page

Screenshot showing the Add New Page screen.

Getting Started

Below are the basic steps to follow when creating a new page on websites using the Faculty/Department Theme.

  1. Add New Page

  2. Name your Page

    • Check Permalink name
    • Check Parent pages
  3. Select desired Template

    • Homepage
      • Full-width template
      • Featured Header
      • Used only once per site for the homepage
    • Landing Page
    • Default Page/Third Level Page
      • Used for 2nd, 3rd level ‘child’ pages with sidebar navigation
      • No Featured Header option
    • No Title
      • Default page title is hidden from top of page
      • For 2nd, 3rd Level pages or deeper with optional sidebar navigation
      • No Featured Header option
    • Standard WP Page
      • Standard WordPress Visual Editor only. No components or page sections available.
      • For 2nd, 3rd Level pages or deeper with optional sidebar navigation
    • News Page
      • Page with collection of featured stories
      • Featured News Story set by assigning as ‘Sticky’ post
      • Stream of six (6) most recently published posts and one (1) Featured Story at the top of page
      • Page Sections and Components available below news posts
  4. Create Page Sections

  5. Select number of Columns

    • Full width column 100%
    • Two-column 50/50, 66/33, 60/40
    • Three column 33/33/33, 25/25/50, 50/25/25
    • Four column 25/25/25/25
  6. Add Components inside the designated columns

    • Single column has most components available, followed by two column, etc
    • Fill out labels, text, and image fields available for each chosen Component
  7. Adjust margins and padding, image background, or colour background in Page Section Options as desired.

  8. Repeat Steps 4-7 to add new sections and layouts until your page is complete.

  9. Preview/Update frequently before publishing, to test appearance of your page.

  10. Have fun!


This is based on the Faculty and Department theme.