UBCO CMS Enhancements Q1 2019

Below is a rundown of recent enhancements deployed to the UBCO CMS in Q1 2019. To see the full list of enhancement requests or request something new, please visit our Enhancement Requests page.

Public Post Preview

All UBCO CMS users can now create publicly available previews of draft pages and posts. This is ability is helpful when you want to share the link to a Draft/Pending version of a page or post to individuals who do not have access to the UBCO CMS. Once you have received approval for your content, simply Publish the page as normal.

  • The unique preview URL expires after 7 days. After this, you will need to generate a new link in the editor for another 7 day preview.
  • Available on all UBCO CMS sites using either CLF 7 Basic, OK Main, or Faculty/Dept Theme.

Read the CMS guide for Public Post Preview > 

Faculty/Staff Directory Updates

The directory has been updated to have a 2nd level filter for departments. The old directory may be cached on your browser so a hard refresh (hold Shift key + Refresh button) might be needed.

See Faculty/Staff Directory in CMS Demo Site >

Apply CLF Classes to Tables

TinyMCE/WYSIWYG Table properties will now let you apply UBC CLF Table styles to the tables created – available classes are Striped, Bordered, and Hover.

Read the CMS guide for UBC CLF Table styles >  

Degree Font Format for Program Pages

This is a new font format available in the visual editor under the Formats dropdown.

  • Randy will be contacting individual site owners if their sites should apply the format to specific degree program pages.
  • Examples have been added to the Cloneable Templates in demo.cms.ok.ubc.ca.

See Cloneable Undergrad Page in CMS Demo Site >

Centered Text option for Story Tiles

The Story Tiles component now has an additional option to centre all text in the image row.

Read the CMS guide for the Story Tiles component >

Light Blue Mega Button

Fourth colour option now available on Mega Button Bar component.

See Light Blue Mega Button in CMS Demo Site >

Image Flip Card without large numbers

As discussed at the last WebCore meeting, the web team can hide the default large numbers on the Flip card component upon request. Various examples are show in demo.cms.ok.ubc.ca.

See sample un-numbered Flip Cards in CMS Demo Site >

Same-name Replacement for Media File Uploads

We are currently piloting a plugin which allows users to update files in the media folder while still retaining the same name. This is very helpful when making minor changes to images/documents/PDF files so you would no longer have to re-link a new copy of the same file. Enable Media Replace is currently being tested with Grad Studies and will be network activated in the coming weeks.

Read the Enhancement request for Same-name Replacement for Media File Uploads >

Whitney Font in Standard Visual Editor

Get a more accurate preview of your content with the official UBC Whitney font now in the visual editor. Log in to any website using the Faculty/Department theme to view.

Bug Fixes

  • Made first line for Tabs and Accordions have a consistent top margin regardless if a heading, paragraph, or image is used in the first line.
  • Comments fields and responses now correct width for posts/pages where comments are allowed.
  • Fixed bug where placing the faculty/staff directory inside a tab or accordion breaks the content below it.

In Progress